Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Type of Win!

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  1. I would of done the same thing. *would’ve

  2. Dawn of the Dan


  3. “would of” Ugh why.

    Also I’m on the grammar Nazi side but I think Daniel is a little prick with too much time on his hands.

  4. Her Dad and I*

  5. I thought there wasn’t a contraction for would have* My spell check shows it as an error. Good job Daniel, she and her family need to learn to spell and use Grammar so as to not look idiotic. It’s not hard to do.

  6. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    At first I thought Daniel was a dick, but after the third error I switched sides.

  7. prancinintherain

    It’s not hard in any way to delete a comment. She should have just done that instead of fighting with him, giving him more errors to correct. Really, I was on his side the entire time. If it bothers you that much, delete it. Otherwise, ANYTHING you post is fair game.

  8. MsBuzzkillington

    I am not sure why she kept replying to him. She doesn’t even need to delete his posts, all she has to do is stop replying.

  9. that’s what makes so many of these so funny! rather than delete the offensive wall post or ignore it, they choose to argue themselves straight into lamebook.

  10. Keona, whatever device or operating system you’re using that doesn’t recognize “would’ve”–get rid of it and get your money back. Still, I refuse believe you’d never seen the word before you obtained that device…

    prancin, I agree that what you post is fair game, especially if your post is designed specifically to get attention and to get people to ask, “OMG, what’s wrong?!”

  11. Yeah, it takes two to cry over misspelled words.

  12. lametothemin, you have a fan.

  13. “Oh honey, what’s wrong?”
    “*sniff* This guy, h-h-he spelled at me. Baawwww!”
    “What?! How dare he? Come here, baby. Suckle at my teat of stupidity. That’s it, get your fill.”

  14. @Soup: You got me laughing with “Suckle at my teat of stupidity.”

  15. Soup, Marry me?

  16. Stretch, that’s how dumb cows reproduce right?

    blondebimbo, I seem to remember that we had an agreement for your boobs to be displayed. But you never delivered. How can we have a solid marriage with this distrust between us?

  17. Fucking family full of dipshits. She’s had a rough day so to deal with this she posts her shit on fb and gets all huffy when her stupidity is pointed out to her. Nothing but a fucking illiterate attention whore.

    Soup win this btw.

  18. *wins

    Oh the fucking irony.

  19. Hahaha Paranoid, I thought the post was funny but your little error made me laugh more 😉

  20. I aim to please, well no, I actually aim for the mouth.

  21. Lindsay seems to be okay with peeple who are not fake and still post shit on fb.

  22. @21 interesting deduction, wonder how you came up with that one?

  23. Fuck! Fake shit(bags) that talk to peeple on LB!!

  24. Walter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back from your trip to Thailand?

  25. Walter, you might want to revise your comment because it’s a true spelling and grammar cluster fuck.

  26. @Walter: *people

  27. @Hoshiadedodi, be nice to Walter he just came back from an exhausting, but satisfying trip to Thailand. So he’s probably jet-lagged and has a sore member.

  28. No, no, look again, it is peeple

  29. Why was my comment deleted? I was second. F u lamebook Fascists

  30. @tikitommy have you been talking shit in your comment? Because that’s against the Lamebook protocol.

  31. Lamebook just randomly hates some words.
    I think they change them monthly

  32. Wandr: In an attempt to figure out what words those are, I will post every word in the dictionary starting now:


  33. @firrip

    Your comment was the only one that has made me laugh in weeks. good job.

  34. I have given up. Anything that doesn’t involve me beating my fuck rod or overeating I promptly give up on.

  35. It’s all good, we’ve got resident dictionnary quoters anyway…

    Generally writing nonesense is a great way to stumble on the mysterious words

  36. All I said is good for him for fighting against the growing tide of stupidity. How is that so bad?

  37. tikitommy, if the growing tide of stupidity were to be stemmed, Lamebook would be out of business. Hence the moderation of your comment.

  38. powerstanceyall

    tide = waves = japan

  39. ^ both valid points

    But I’m thinking lamey cuts out comments or parts thereof just to elicit a response, hopefully a much needed meltdown

  40. Daniel, please friend me on FB…

  41. I think I need to find this Daniel person and marry him.

  42. Daniel, YOU ROCK! xD


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