Monday, April 27, 2009

myspacin’ jesus


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  1. this is hilarious! i actually said, i know a Robbie who would post something like this…and it was him!

  2. I too know a robbie who would say this. i think its probably because at a certain point (6th grade perhaps) most guys named robert would stop being called robbie and switch to either rob or robert. this guy is tool of the worst sort. if you told him he was a tool to his face, he would just tell you to have a “ridiculously blessed day”. i hate the overuse of the word ridiculous. this guy is ricockulous.

  3. I wonder if he has a creepy youth-minister-goatee?


  4. why he myspacin the youth. Somebody report this man.

  5. “I hope they see Jesus in ridiculous way this wk!”
    …you mean like…this?

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