Thursday, June 25, 2020

Name Blame


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  1. Shut up you stupid cunt.

  2. Get bent, Bob. You literally set yourself up for that. XD Are you just bitter toward woman because, as your name implies, you’ve got a bent cock that you can’t fuck with?

  3. No I’m a father and I’m fucking sickened by shit like this where women act like they’re the only parent that matters. I’m a million times better parent than my daughter’s mother that’s for god damn sure.

  4. Hopefully your daughter will never cross paths with a man who resorts to name calling women with a label like stupid cunt.

  5. And why the hell shouldn’t I when she is a stupid cunt? Typical stupid fucking woman shut your dumb mouth. Oh no she’s a woman you can’t say things like that it’s 2020 didn’t you know it’s illegal to ever insult women no matter how bad they are! Kill yourself.

  6. Bob doesn’t have kids. No one would ever fuck him.

  7. What possible reason could anyone have for making this up. Grow a fucking brain.

  8. Really Bent – it’s boring reading all your “shut up” replies. Are you not able to think of a comment that might actually be amusing or interesting to read? I’ve grown tired of seeing a comment, clicking on it just to see your “shut up” reply. I just roll my eyes and think what a waste of a click. Please continue on if it amuses you but just know you’re the only one amused.

  9. What the hell does this have to do with being amusing? Can you understand basic English or are you just as much of a dumb slag as “keke” here?

  10. Not to mention that’s not a thing I do so you’re delusional as well as illiterate hahaha

  11. Bent – Oh well, I’ll just ignore you from now on. Boring and bitter is not something that interests me.

  12. Good, then do it and fuck off.

  13. Really? SHE’s delusional?? lol, Bent, you fucking LIVE on Lamebook. Your #1hobby is to open this page and rudely slam someone down. Epitome of Lame.

  14. His bullshit would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad and pathetic.

  15. Actually my favourite hobby is plowing your mum I just do this when she needs a rest before we go again.

  16. My mother died when I was twelve, but somehow the plausibility of you plowing her seems legit, you don’t come across as sane in any manner. My father, who fortunately is the polar opposite of you, raised me with respect. If you think the year 2020 is reason enough to refer to a female as a stupid cunt, I sincerely hope, for your daughter’s sake, that she never comes across someone like you. And if this is how you behave when you’re not a keyboard warrior, please don’t act like this in front of her because she will think that’s normal and won’t know enough to turn away and be with someone who will give her the respect she deserves.

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