Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nasty Naps

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  1. @bananzilla – are you a vegetarian? You should be, the meat producing industry is ridiculously bad for the environment. 50+ posts about periods. Great.

  2. Would be better if the butterflies were pink.

  3. @Darcey…LMFAO..hahahaa!! 😀

  4. @Douchetastic, agreed with the cup thing.

    @48, seriously you can’t feel them, they’re squishy silicone or rubber or plastic and they’re smaller than the average dick you’ll take.

    Also, boys, freaking out about what a girl uses on her period just insures you’re pretty terrible lays. OMG GIRLS BLEED THE HORROR!

    And the reusable pads probably get washed more often than your boxers.

  5. Here’s another fun fact: did you know that reusable diapers actually help kids get potty- trained sooner than those with disposable diapers- since they get to hobble around in cloth that is soaked with piss and shit, and get their little bums irritated?? Hahah, just a fun little fact lol- that has come from many other moms who have childrens who are my age(twenties), so yes, if you want your little offspring to beg to use the toilet at like 16 months, resort to cloth diapers, peoples LOL!


  6. @50
    does this mean you won’t be walking around my property naked? i’ve been craving raccoon meat.

  7. ‘the average dick you’ll take’ is some really classy wording. it really gives off the impression that your paycheck comes from the bunny ranch. my french fries have crawled up and lodged in my throat.

    i want to end this on a high note.

    (dedicated to wordpervert)

    dear crotch o’ mine
    you are so fine
    drenched in red
    from yo taint to yo head
    i make from thee ink
    with it’s own special stink
    i scare all the boys
    by waving bloody sex toys
    i shall buy you a pad
    it shall be so super rad
    of butterflies,
    repeat wash and dries
    so no other vagina will be
    as regally decked out as thee
    my one and only
    my fabulous bloody vagina

  8. eelappeal, Yeats, you are not, but that’s quite an entertaining little piece of poetry, nonetheless. And thank you for the thoughtful dedication. I think.

  9. no problem. i know how much you like to hear about bloody periods, etc.

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