Wednesday, September 12, 2012

National Tragedy

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  1. Why is it always the women/girls who ask the dumbest fucking questions about global events?

  2. Oh wow, I’d never seen the last picture before. So tragic.

  3. Take them away..

  4. Brenda and Linda sound like older names. I sure hope they didn’t reproduce.

  5. anyone seen that Chaser clip where they ask americans what date 9/11 happened? Too funny.
    Oh and the one where they ask americans what country they should invade next and then ask them to point to that country on a map?? Pissing myself.
    And the one where they ask americans to think of a country beginning with U? That one’s just sad.

  6. ^yeah. I know.
    Now take a camera crew into any suburb of ausfailure and see if the locals can spell their own names.

  7. ^they’d be too busy telling you to ‘get that fuckin’ thing out me face, ya poncy fuckin’ cunt’.

  8. Frank, the chasers were the shit

    Ms that only works in NSW and Queensland

  9. @5 Gosh, Franky, do you think they interviewed hundreds of people and took the worst of the lot to fit an agenda? When I read comments like yours I simply think; never been out of Walkedinpoo.

    And the fact that you have Berk agreeing with you, well…

  10. Haha that episode was gold, in one world map Oz was named Iran and people were pointing to Australia saying that it should be invaded next. Nevermind it’s in the wrong hemisphere and surrounded by water.. Rightbrain, you have a point. But from my experience travelling the states I’m sure a more accurate number would be in the tens. Maybe 21. Max.

  11. First one is fake as hell.

  12. So these people would only be considered stupid if they are from the United States. There are many tragedies that were just as horrific that happened elsewhere that many Americans would not know what it was if shown a picture. The US is not the only country who has suffered from terrorism.

  13. Right, I’ve travelled around the states and from my experience, with the exception of one or two places, they didn’t show a minority in those clips. They are political satirists who openly said they would use any weapon in the arsenal of politics to make their point. If the politicians don’t show a complete representation of a community because of an agenda why should they?.

  14. Gosh rightbrain, Do I think they were cherry picking the funniest answers? I thought that was so obvious it went without saying.
    Why are you so touchy today? Ladytimes?

  15. Frankly, Franky, I don’t know what you know. But here’s what I know. The ‘Americans are dumb’ threads are as tiresome as T2000 and the posts about how often people post. No hard feelings. Now, could you explain what the fuck Berk is going on about?

  16. not many americans that I’ve come across (fnarr!)are ‘dumb’.
    in fact, you mostly cannot shut the braindead fuckers up.

  17. In general I agree rightbrain, but in this case my post was entirely relevant to the OP.
    So suck on it.

    Oh and no, I haven’t a clue what Berk is trying to say.

  18. T2000 is often relevant, too. Well done.

  19. MsAnne, have your Auntie Dave take you somewhere besides Richmond.

    And for those of you who have travelled the states–it’s your own fucking fault that you only engaged with morons. Stay out of the middle. East coast, west coast, done. And stay north of the Mason-Dixon line.

  20. nice try, dear. it turns out that every state in ausfailure is more uneducated and rednecked, and is crammed full of more dentally-challenged bogans than the next one.

    It’s true. I’ve checked and double-checked.

  21. Not a chance, rightbrain. When I finally head to the States, it will be for the music and food, so I’m going deep south. I can handle some redneck morons; I’ve been preparing my whole life!

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