Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Needs To Change

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  1. Yeah, because firing someone and then letting them stay for two weeks would be a great situation. You get unemployment. What a stupid post.

  2. wendy jane welcome to Europe where most countries have laws/cba’s that require the employer to give a notice period to the terminated employee. Stupid countries 😛

  3. This dumb broad didnt even realize that unemployment exists lmao. Almost as stupid as the guy advocating a 2 week shitshow after you get fired. People like that are why the muslims are constantly stabbing people, throwing acid in their faces, and running down people in trucks. Get rid of people like Freyjazz and Europe wouldnt be a terrorist hotbed.

  4. Leave it to the common sense of the Internets to draw a line between terrorism and employment laws… Maybe the biweekly shootings in the US happen cause employers don’t give notice?

  5. Hey CS3, most places need proven reasons for firing someone and a paid notice period for laying off. Not just Europe, here in Africa too. USA is unusual because corporates have more rights than citizens. They get to buy the laws they want.
    What we call corruption, USA calls lobbying.

  6. KibblesnBitsThunderPaws

    Companies don’t “demand” two weeks notice, and thanks to laws in the US they can’t enforce the request. It’s a courtesy thing. I’m guessing though if you’re being fired you know nothing about courtesy and deserve the same lack of respect you’ve shown.

    Side note: Being laid off is a completely different scenario. Typically they are given notice or severance packages to make the transition easier.

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