Monday, December 3, 2012

Never Trust a Seagull

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  1. Never trust a terminator.

  2. Seagulls are evil, filthy buggers.


  3. I really wish I knew the backstory to this.

  4. www . facebook . com / GetGulled

  5. Never feed a seagull.

  6. What?

  7. ok i have a comment explaining the backstory to this awaiting approval for over a day now. come on lamebook, just delete the link and post it then.

  8. Just do that yoself! Tell us now 🙂

  9. i just remember this post and googled it.

    the seagull is someone who made a page trying to expose the talentless crap that is known throughout popular music today. some of his rants include lil wayne and nikki manaj [spelling?]. this ‘james’ guy posted pictures to his page of cancer sufferers, starving kids, and burn victims, saying that for every ‘like’ that he got, he would donate $1 to charity. the seagull told him that he would expose james for his bullshit, to which james replied “that’s why i’m going to delete the photo. you have nothing to expose motherfucker”. the seagull took a screenshot of it, and that is basically the prequel to this particular lamebook post.

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