Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, Same Lame




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  1. Troll’s on FIRST!

  2. Jaclyn – Don’t worry, I’ve done it myself several times, no special occasion needed for me. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

  3. ^*facepalm*

    I wonder what Jaclyn’s neighbours thought. Maybe while she’s out there, if she’s bored she can make a nice vlog…

    One girl, one bucket.

    Seriously though, I feel bad for her, that would really fucking suck… 🙁

  4. Damn, I could have been a contender!

  5. I’m glad there are still sluts in the future.

  6. I like turtles.

  7. @DaysWithDave – brilliant call.

  8. adam ftw!

  9. Lmao @ dayswithdave

    I would never tell everyone on fb that I took a dumb in my backyard lmao…

  10. …and by dumb I mean dump :p

  11. remember back in the day when people were embarrassed to tell about their every single personal event, no matter how stupid or disgusting?

  12. Taking a dump is a beautiful, natural act!

  13. @ Wednesday – “Beautiful”? That’s some pretty kinky shit.

  14. I always wondered what people would be like in the year 20 thousand ten. Apparently nothing has changed.

  15. @mtc sarcasm

  16. @aleesh87 why tell us then? 😮

  17. welcome to 20010! hahaha

  18. only a generation ago, we used to sh*t outside and eat inside.

  19. In the far flung future all women will have strange, blocky, pixelated eyes… but half decent tits, so not all bad then.

    Happy New Year Jaclyn you lobster eating freestyle shitter you!

  20. Jaclyn, look on the bright side you got lobster.

  21. It’s the year 20010?? OMG someone bring me a bottle of Tequila, I’m Rip van Winkel reincarnated!! In the future! I slept 20000 years??

    I need a chocolate orange…

  22. @Svetlana

    18,000 years. 20,000 would be crazy… crazy lady…

  23. @11: How I miss the old days…

  24. hah. no way this world is surviving till 20010.

  25. tania is just missed it:):)

  26. terry the the chocolate orange huh?? im gonna say i woulda went with terry the oreo, if your gonna get fired make it worth it

  27. When you gotta go, you gotta go!

  28. 26, Terry the Chocolate Orange is actually a reference to a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Terry the Oreo makes no sense in that regard. Maybe Nabisco the Oreo, but frankly the other joke is funnier. 🙂

  29. 26, plus you’re on the wrong one. Terry the Chocolate Orange is a different post.

    Tania must be pissed, I know that’s how I’d feel if I woke up from a coma and went straight on facebook without first checking the date… It’ll be worse when she finds out how many people 2009 took with it to the grave

  30. I like posting about my back yard dumps-makes me feel like a WINNER.

  31. It took me a while to realise there was something wrong with Tyler’s photograph, as my eyes were too busy with other elements of the picture….

  32. Silly people. Tyler and her pals are obviously celebrating their new zipcode.

  33. Oh man, this is embarrassing…. I guess I should re-evaluate my friends list 😛 But yes, Gannet, at least I got lobster!

  34. With tits like hers’, she is more than permitted to spell out 2010 any way she likes!

  35. Seems like nothing will change in the future. D:

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