Tuesday, June 4, 2013

News Flash!

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  1. reap what you sow, bitch, reap what you sow…

  2. twistedthoughts

    High maintenance, indeed- but what can you say? Men are like that.

  3. “News Flash”

  4. If you’d have just blown him, I wouldn’t have had to endure this.

  5. I’m guessing this is your average asshole/bitch couple. They will get back together. Underneath, they are as fake and weak as their attitude. Time to grow up kids, that’s highschool drama.

  6. Seems like a fireable offense to me.

  7. twistedthoughts; it’s funny, you obviously have no perspective on a man who has *options*.

    snapmcgarrett; see what I said to twistedthoughts.

    Turrible; don’t try to escalate yourself above them, you’re commenting on their posts. are you special, or just a fat jackass (like me) entertained by this?

    he got what he deserved, he was a moron and was Facebook friends with the vagina he pounded. stop pretending like you’re any better than these people folks.

  8. Why did she have to say Wednesday? Probably tried to convince him to wait till the weekend.

  9. I think her complaint is that Wednesday is typically hump day, rather than BJ day.

  10. someusername: They made LB for a reason. Now we get to sit back and enjoy others insulting them, while getting a couple in ourselves. The group of people the OP represents deserves special attention. The blame lies with their parents; however, for not teaching them that society is going to shit on you with an attitude like that. They sucked in HS and they still suck years later. ..Except on Wednesdays.

  11. “Be warned: he’s a selfish asshole,” would have been sufficient.

  12. Perhaps she’s just tired from working with that patient with the good health plan.

  13. The details! Sounds like a game of Relationship Cluedo.

  14. I strongly suspect there were other motivations for the breakup.

  15. crustylovelips

    From a personal point of view, if I broke up with someone ‘cos they wouldn’t give me head in the morning, it’d be because she had fuck all else going on for her. The last thing I’d do is advertise the fact that I couldn’t keep my partner ‘cos I’m as exciting as a sack of potaties. It’s a bit harsh but I reckon it’s fairly close to the mark. The silly cow, if she’s that fucking bothered she shouldda just sucked until his testicle popped out.

  16. crustylovelips

    Kinda what friendzone said. Sorry fella, didn’t see your comment – it would have saved my 6 lines of shit.

  17. your name makes me cringe crusty but your words are wise..

  18. In 4 years my gf has not once refused me a bj. But then, I don’t ask at inconvenient times. Like while she’s doing her nails. Or in the super-market.

  19. Lost-Dog, what kind of vacuum-cleaner has nails, and why do you take it with you to the super market?

  20. Dane, my days of using a vacuum-cleaner are long gone. One day you, too, might enjoy a bj from something other than an appliance.

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  22. That conversation probably went something like:-
    Dude: “I’m sorry, but I’m afraid we’ll have to break up.”
    Chick: “What!? Are you going to give me the lame old excuse of, “It’s not you, it’s me?”
    Dude: “No, bitch, it’s ALL YOU! You should have just sucked my dick this morning like i asked you to, but NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, you have to get ready for work. You’ve already got your make-up on. You’ve already combed your hair. I don’t need to hear that shit. Learn from this, next time just suck the dick.”

  23. For some reason, I don’t think the guy has a job. Well, he didn’t have a blow job on Wednesday, but I don’t think he has a real job, either. I get the feeling the girlfriend is the only one bringing in the money.

    What do you call a musician after he breaks up with his girlfriend? Homeless.

  24. RobertSullivan

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