Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Newsworthy Wins

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  1. Haha Nice I liked Resa!

  2. Oh, FFS; another religious nutjob trying to insult homosexuals… When will stupid people learn that the only difference between gay people and straight people is who they want to get with?

    Bigot FAIL.

  3. The catholic church is falling apart..

  4. Two more reasons why Colin is so utterly gay …
    1. He used the phrasing “utterly fabulous.”
    2. He apparently likes Oprah.

  5. Great, now Oprah’s slot is in my head. I really don’t need to be thinking about this at 9:30 AM. Crap!

    Resa, I like you. We should do lunch! Much to discuss.

  6. The “wins” on this site are never funny.

  7. I shall make my show about Airing Oprah’s Slot.

  8. georgiagirl – I’m guessing Colin is British. There are many things that we Americans consider gay that, to a Brit, are perfectly normal. Fifteen thousand flavors of tea, for example. And the Pet Shop Boys.

    As much as I loved Resa’s comment, I have never really known Baptists to be more condescending than anyone else – especially not when they run into each other at the liquor store or the jack shack.

  9. Keric?

  10. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Resa’s is one of the best wins in a while.

  11. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  12. Ash...Housewares

    Hi folks,

    Long time reader first time poster…and may I say it took reading Resa’s reply to spur me to post. Well, it made me also wonder if the flashbacks I had after reading it were real or imagined as well, but I digress. I want Resa on my friends list.

  13. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    I think Resa self-submitted because it was screenshot four minutes after the post but… I still dig it and, if she was a guy, I’d definitely be suggesting some peach-schnapps flavoured flirtations.

  14. tango alpha delta oscar

    *sighs to that educator* discrimination. right said on their SaturdaySun.

  15. So…was it the same Collin in both?? Looks the same except for a different color shirt..maybe.

  16. how bout we stick the vatican in oprahs slot.

  17. Different Colins. I’m the second one. And I submitted it, not Resa, just FYI. 🙂

  18. this is a comment.

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