Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nice Logo…

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  1. That’s what I call advocating for “Fisting Rights”. Every woman should be knowledgable and informed of the pleasure they could receive from a clenched hairy fist =)

  2. Hairy? That’s a sister’s fist. OK, maybe you’re right.

  3. ^fister margaret or fister mary ann?

  4. Fister Teresa of Calcutta

  5. …Except it’s not a uterus. It’s a gender symbol.

  6. #4 That’s more ironic than you might think.

  7. Way to be a downer, Ripley.

  8. If it’s a gender symbol then that fist would have to travel through the uterus to get there.

  9. Fisting. It’s not just a symbol, it’s a way of life.

  10. “Womens”. Yuck.

  11. hannibal-lecture

    Sister Fister

  12. Twisted Fister.

    Or Fisted Sister.

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