Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nice One!

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  1. …..and I’m sure Shawn deleted that comment immediately after screen-capping it. Self-submitting pussy.

  2. And after liking it!

  3. vaginalroundhouse

    Never been with a big fat chick especially a soul sistah. I would like to try.

  4. I wonder what Shawn looks like.

  5. NagaRam11 – didn’t see that, but yes, he gets extra jackass points for that one.

  6. Why do people post photos of themselves “fresh out of the shower” anyway. Why do we need to know you just took a shower? Why couldn’t you wait until another time to take a new photo for your profile? What’s so great about this one? I can only think that people are hoping for “you’re such a hottie” or something… which is ridiculous.

  7. ‘self-submitting pussy’ – are you really that concerned ?

  8. This Chick Should Be Embarrassed….. UGH

  9. She’s one hot mama! Screw you people that don’t like people having pride in themselves. Why shouldn’t she allowed to take pics of herself like this? I’d chose this lady any day over some skinny rake!!

  10. I don’t care if she’s attractive or not. I care that Facebook isn’t the place for this type of image. If I posted a photo of myself like this my friends would think I’m an asshole. That’s because it’s an asshole thing to do.

  11. If you’re hot, posting a photo of yourself while scantily clad for your friends to see is not an asshole thing to do, it is a nice thing to do.
    If you aren’t hot, then for the love of eyes everywhere, cover up!

  12. I don’t care if he self-submitted or not, that shit was funny AND true.

  13. Codename Dutchess

    THASS RAYCESS! Maybe? Anyway, well done Shawn. I dont blame him for the self submit, that comment wouldnt have lasted long before being deleted.

  14. I’m with you win7… I was willing to forgive for the blatant self-submission, mainly due to the funny as fek factor, but liking his comment pushed it over the edge for mine. He is a phag once again…

    And what is the deal with black women? The fatter they get, the hotter they think they are! What am I missing?

  15. I don’t understand….WHHYYY would someone do this? You wanna take sexy pictures of yourself, inbox them! I have family on my Facebook and the pastors of my church and they sure as heck wouldn’t wanna see me parading around in my lingerie. I don’t understand you humans.

  16. How can you tell that it’s self submitted? I know that I will be called lots of colorful names for asking a stupid question, feel free, but while doing so please answer the question. Thanks.

  17. Because it was uploaded 2 seconds after he made the comment, therefore he is the only one that would have had the time to ‘like’ and submit the comment to lamebook.

  18. Haha thanks.

  19. Ow, my eyes. I think she ate all the contents of said ocean.

  20. apparently SHE likes the picture well enough… she made it her profile pic… sheesh!

  21. @mad2physicist – I think your response was aimed at me! Honestly? If my ‘hot’ friends uploaded a pic like this I would seriously wonder what was wrong with them. Maybe it is a cultural thing… maybe it is too cold in Scotland for me to understand the semi-naked shots (they must be for show, cause it suuuure ain’t hot enough to explain that get-up…)

    Nekkidity is only okay when costumes are involved! Then at least it feels like it has a purpose.

  22. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    ^ A girl.

  23. Really? Now I’m worried.

  24. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    People can be naked in Scotland too. I’ve seen them.

  25. ^gah. now I’m imagining a vast sea of pale, wobbling ginger-haired freckledness.

  26. Ooooh burn!

    3 cheers for racism.

  27. ^is racism the same as cultural stereotyping?
    no? thought not. STFU.

  28. hilarious! how is she friends with this person?

  29. im going to hell but the one that made me laugh the most was shawn. fuckin A.

  30. I wonder if Teddybedwards is a little bitch.

  31. Fat as fuck.

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