Monday, May 7, 2012

Nicely Done

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  1. BeboStunnah2kai12


  2. Someone once sent me a nude photo. I tracked the number and shapeshifted into her, increasing my defenses.

  3. BeboStunnah2kai12

    Incorrect; The T1000 model did not possess such capabilities to accept photos.

  4. ur gay and ur mom doesnt luv u

  5. BeboStunnah2kai12

    Totez lulz

  6. Bebo, incorrect. I posess a mobile cellualr telephone that had the ability to receive photographs.

  7. BeboStunnah2kai12

    Does it come as standard?

  8. Correct. It has a standard function.

  9. Fake!

  10. Ben dover, I agree. This post is clearly fake.

  11. The Sinko de Mayo was stolen directly from a photo George Takei shared on his page.

  12. I am calling fake too.

  13. George Takei is fake

  14. BeboStunnah2kai12

    Thank you for processing the question in such an efficient manner.

  15. I’m betting that is not the first creamy white substance that Michael has dumped in his sink.

  16. ^ Why wouldn’t he make ice cubes out of his spunk, like normal people?

  17. I don’t make enough spunk to make ice cubes out of it.

    But I do make ice cubes out of mare pee. Gets the stallions excited.

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