Friday, July 6, 2012

No Big Deal

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  1. WTF?! It’s all fun and games until someone gets bitten. The raccoon probably has rabies.

  2. Racoons can be friendly!! My friend raised some. But they whine a lot!

  3. Coon Pops

  4. No big real.

    Because it is fake.

  5. Corn Fakes

  6. Used to be called Sugar Pops…High Fructose Corn Syrup Pops never caught on

  7. It’s sad that they replaced sugar with high fructose corn syrup. That stuff is the devil, and it doesn’t even taste good.

  8. ^ They have virtually the same effect on the body

  9. They had “Sugar Bear” put to sleep…RIP

  10. Corn poops.

  11. Corn Pops sounds like an STD

  12. #8 – True, but not in the same quantities. Corn syrup doesn’t need as much volume to have the same affect. High fructose corn syrup is the crack of the sweets.

  13. He’s gettin’ him some coon’tang tonight!

  14. Beatus – Maybe instead of a shock collar on your balls for your stand-up doggy-style experiment, you should try coating your balls in milk-soaked corn pops and setting a coon free on ’em?

    Just tryin’ to help a brotha out.

  15. I’m not interested in how it makes ME feel. I’m interested in how it makes HER feel. I doubt a raccoon chewing on my balls will make her feel good, but a little electrical stimulation might.

  16. Porn Cop

  17. That is pretty cute, actually.

  18. yeah. poisoning animals with toxic ‘food’ I wouldn’t even give to bloody teeko?

    OP is an asshole.

  19. MsAnneThrope you seriously have no idea what a raccoon eats eh? They eat our garbage and you think corn pops is going to be the death of him? Shut your ignorant mouth you you little wannabe misanthrope. Let me guess a big fat nobody no one listens to or wants to be near. So you come here with your ever so clever and original name and try to talk shit with anonyminity (spell?). Take that cavernous chasm you call a pie hole and shut it.

  20. ^ Sure you’re not confusing what raccoons do eat when they’re forced into suburban areas with what they should eat in their natural environment? You do understand that mankind is a blight on nature, don’t you?

    But I approve of your rage, so please, put MsAnneThrope in her place some more.
    You show early promise (8).

  21. fuck. I have a place now?
    also, what else did that garbled mess of an insult to basic literacy say?
    I couldn’t read it.

  22. ^ Aw man, you always make me interpret the retardeds’ rants.
    What am I, the elected voice of stupid Americans? I renounce! I renounce!!

  23. you just seem to have a way with the squirrelly fuckers.

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