Saturday, December 19, 2009

No Shit


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  1. You guys are pretty funny. 😀

  2. I want Melissa to adopt me! If you lick on this warm lollipop, then all of your dreams and wishes will come true! If they don’t come true, then we must try again!

  3. Melissa is a fucking peasant.

  4. This was the straw that broke the proverbial. Fucking brilliant. So good it made me register and registering for sites and verification emails ‘n all that shit I really hate.

    Best post so far this one. The pac man above, not this comment obv.

  5. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    This is a comment about a comment about another comment on Lamebook

    Melissa is a retart

  6. *retard

  7. Melissa deserves a cookie. She probably spent a long time figuring that out, and should be rewarded.

  8. Pepijn is a fucking peasant. Catch up on your Lamebook, bro.

  9. Oh wow, it totally looks like the one on the left wants to eat the pancake on the right too!

  10. iron: atleast 32 minutes to figure it out…

  11. First I saw the picture and thought, “That’s not lame, that’s kind of cool.” Then I read the comment.

  12. Melissa thinks of pretty things all the time and likes dressing up to make her self look beutiful.

    Important thoughts are for other people. She knows this and plays to her strengths, like spotting things and describing the things she spots. So well done Melissa, well done!

  13. I am sure that Melissa is also very highly functional. Her parents are so proud of their own special child.

  14. I really didn’t know we were having a state the obvious contest, Melissa, but good on you! You figured out that it looks like pac-man – now, sweety, put down your dildo, and look at the picture again and tell me what the other one resembles…

    I know you can do it, just try! And, no, you can’t phone a friend. 😐

  15. @58: Aha! Didn’t get it :p I think I need to spend more time on lamebook indeed _

  16. @ Pepijn – we mock stupid people. We know how to spell retard, but we like slandering their names some more.

    I officially hate retarts and douchebags… 🙁

  17. My wife and I went to dinner one night. We dined well into the evening and as we left the place she stepped outside and commented “Tt’s dark”. I don’t think I ever laughed harder in my life.

  18. @Svetlana
    BTW, Sorry about last week hon’ machine crashed and I didn’t have time to reboot and come back.

  19. Oh man seabear! You have a wife? This sordid love affair is getting amazing! How will it unfold? Will SeeBea’s wife find out? Does Svetstick know? Will Insane convince a mentally challenged girl that there are “ghosts in her clothes”?
    Comming this January to FOX!
    (Just one Fox?- Just one chen)

  20. Melissa please be an hero. Now.

  21. LaDispute, be nice. Melissa needn’t kill herself. I’m sure she can have a long and semi-fulfilling life in a sheltered workshop somewhere..

  22. @Kennychin: If I can convince a retart dooshbag like you that there are ghosts in your clothes, then I can convince anyone. Just tune into for a trip down memory lane 😉

  23. Kennychen has ghosts in his clothes?

  24. Yes sir! And I didn’t think it was at all possible, but he screamed like a bitch right before …um nevermind.

  25. You would think he’d have learned.

  26. I did post a brilliant note to Kenny Chen but alas, the moderators…

    @ KennyChen – OH LORD – your still as big a douche as you were a week ago – will you ever learn?

    I just quickly want to establish something – which room for the mentally challenged are you, or are you still laying in the cabbage patch? And another question – did your mother tell you that you are witty, maybe sharp even? If she did, then maybe you should worry what else she’s lying to you about… including Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny and the Toothfairy.

  27. @ KennyChen – You know what even tops it off more? You don’t even use a capital letter to sign off your name. It should be like this, Chen. And it’s coming… not comming…

    Still just one chen? Still just one giant douchebag. And STILL in the wrong section. Oh, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You sad sack of shit.

  28. @ KennyChen – Just one Chen? Just one Braincell. Congratulations for trying. Now don’t let the door hit you on your way out! Bye-Bye! *Yawn*

  29. One last thing “Chen “The Douche” Meister” – don’t let the door hit you on your way out…

  30. LMFNO!!! I just cried and wet myself a little. Svetlana always good for a delicious chuckle!!!

    @SeeBea: One can only wonder if the Chin Meister will learn after this ass pounding!?

  31. Svetlana December 22nd, 2009 at 7:38 am
    Svetlana December 22nd, 2009 at 7:39 am
    Svetlana December 22nd, 2009 at 7:50 am

    Was this necessary? I bet you had some coffee, told your coworkers about “some douche” and one of them said the “door” comment and you had to post it 11 minutes later. You are the funny guy at the office

  32. @ deliverstehcawk – Oh Lord. Another person who doesn’t know where the douchebag section is. Actually @ 12:18am I relayed that reply to KennyChen. But, because the “moderators” had filtered it, it didn’t fly. So, I copied and pasted the appropriate versions, bit by bit, into this thread. If you don’t believe me, check the other threads where I am – you’ll see a pattern forming. OH, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, you sad sack of shit. This, is Svetlana.

    That’s who?

  33. @Svetlana
    I think Kenny just came back to see if we were still around. Clearly he has run off, tail between his legs, again. Out fear no doubt.

    This is SeeBea

  34. lol, trolls trolling trolls.

  35. FlapjacksAreAmazing


    thanks for doing that for me =P

  36. @deliverstehcawk – And yet you try to distinguish yourself from all the trolls on here, but you are one yourself, dear sir.

    Atleast I am a troll with purpose… Let’s say, like the Robin Hood of Trolls. It’s a pleasure doing business with you… 🙂

  37. I might need to simplify this for you then. Let’s break it down together:

    The phrase “trolls trolling trolls” suggests a homogeneity, uniformity if you will, among the subjects. Therefore it shouldn’t be thought to suggest I am distinguishing myself here– quite the opposite. “…but you are one yourself…” is also stating the obvious as explained above.

    The irony of this all is that the OP is making fun of people that state the obvious and therefore you have become a prime example of the punchline. Good for you.

  38. Damn, I love it when Frodo and his pool become part of the conversation. HAHHAHAHAHAHA LMAO!

  39. The one on the right looks like the thing that always follow pacman ! WIERD

  40. *wierd

  41. *should be “weird”

  42. HAHAHAA has she never played pacman before..?

  43. Obviously she’s played Pacman before or she wouldn’t have recognized it as Pacman. The fucking joke is that she didn’t realize it was intentional.

    These comments are lamer than the posts.

  44. /facepalm

    I had to sign up just to say that no, the joke isn’t that she didn’t realize it was intentional, it is that she has no idea (despite knowing what Pacman is) that there was a theme going on here in which both pancakes were from the game.

  45. Wow peach, you just made a Lamebook on the actual Lamebook site…. pretty sure eveyone that is paying this chic out gets the joke…

  46. UncreativeUsername

    Those are the coolest pancakes ive ever seeeeeeeen!! Melissa’s comment doesn’t matter. All that matters is how amazing those pancakes are.

  47. Caramel_Princess

    It’s okay Melissa. As long as you’re a blonde, we understand your condition of pointing out the obvious, or not recognizing the obvious at all.

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