Thursday, August 23, 2012

No Shit! Part 1

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  1. First.

  2. NO SHIT!

  3. No, shit.

  4. How is Tricia’s comment on the prestigious And why does she think it’s so funny?
    I really don’t understand that one.

  5. This laxative isn’t working. No shit.

  6. it says ‘no shit’ but all I see is a bunch of soggy shit.

    I know when I’m being lied to, dammit.

  7. Americans are fat – no shit

  8. Brits have horrible teeth – no shit

  9. These damn cunts need to clean the shit out of their flaps. Truly face-palm worthy.

  10. @6 There’s the irony that Berkley was craving. And it’s dildo-free.

  11. ok. except that berk is a fucking idiot and what it craves isn’t very important to me.

  12. I fucking hate Tricia, shameless self-sbmitter.
    She’s probably one of YOU fucktards, too. “Oh goodie, wait until all those cheeky cunts get a hold of my self-submission; they’re gonna tear it up!”

    I just KNOW it was you teeko. Teeko’s name is Tricia, and she still wonders if she’s funny. Toodles!

  13. are we doing that thing where we don’t blur photos or respect people’s privacy? again? really?

  14. ^ And you’re surprised… why?

  15. Alright, MsAnne, I’ll bite. How is leaving her face unblurred not respecting her privay?

  16. Because if it was respecting her privacy, what would the kid bitch about on Lamebook?

  17. really franky? would you put your photo up for the howling jackals here? would you like someone else to?

  18. In this instance..She’s fully clothed, appears to be ‘of sound mind’, not doing anything to be embarrassed about.. I honestly don’t see the problem.

  19. ^she’s on lamebook, franky.

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