Monday, March 11, 2013

No Winning

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  1. Should’ve kept it real!!!

  2. ^ #1 It’s called trying to be nice, which is a virtue I lack where you are concerned. Just piss off you unfunny retard.

  3. Fuck women. I mean it literally and metaphorically.

  4. Abe, calm down. Sometimes honesty is the best policy. You should know

  5. There’s a difference between trying to be diplomatic & tactful & straight out lying. Not really that hard to figure out, woman or not.

  6. Should’ve said “She’s a bit over-weight.”

    This is exactly the sort of situation for which the redundant word “over-weight” was coined.

  7. Try “Well, yes, but there’s nothing wrong with being fat. I’d worry more about your friend having terrible social skills.”

  8. OP, you are a liar.

  9. Just be honest.

    How shall we judge “fat”? Shall we agree upon the BMI scale? In that case, almost every last one of us could be considered “fat”. Are you comparing yourself to the 650 pound lady on TLC the other night? Then, most definitely not.

    You see, fat isn’t something that I think of when I see you. You have a little weight, just like normal people, but seeing you here shows that you know how to overcome and that makes you a strong woman, in my opinion. And that means more than any shallow BMW blonde could understand (as I nod toward the shallowest looking blonde in the place).

    So do I think you’re fat? No. I think you’re a strong, beautiful woman who doesn’t need a man to define herself.

    Or something like that…

  10. A fat chick with pissy attitude? I bet shes never alone on a saturday night.

  11. @10 – On the money my friend!

    About the best thing he could have done would have been to be honest and call her fat and disgusting. Fat people deserve to be called so, I used to be fat, I sorted my life out and now I’m not 🙂 That fat bitch deserved to hear the truth.

  12. As soon as I read “Two girls approached me in the gym…” I stopped reading. LIE!

  13. Fuck lying, and fuck telling the truth too!!

    If someone tries to pull this bullshit on you, feel free to tell them, “Look, it’s great that you respect a stranger’s opinion in this matter, but I’d really prefer not to be pulled into your little domestic.”

    There was never going to be an answer that was acceptable to these idiotic women.

  14. ^I’m standing and applauding that.

  15. My answer: Yes, she’s a little on the heavier side, but not so much that I’d deny her a good dicking.
    Result: threesome

  16. Ps. I know that this kind of thing really happens, because I’ve witnessed it on the interweb

  17. #13 You beat me to it. Never answer a trick question like that.

  18. You are fat if your tits chafe your knee caps. Being fat – whilst rarely unavoidable due to “health” – is a fucking choice and when it starts costing the NHS to keep you out of a coffin then it becomes a massive fucking problem. Why should the tax payer fork out for morbidly obese people to indulge in their disgusting habits? A more practical, head on approach would be to use taxes to fund fat camps where people are FORCED to lose weight through healthy dieting and a gruelling regime of exercise which would be much more practicably achievable than the quick fix of a gastric band.
    Fuck human rights, you should lose your rights when you lose your self-respect.

  19. Why don’t these wannabee’s ever post pics/proof of the shit they claim happened to them? Their C-phones are always ready to take pictures of all the other crap they post.

  20. @ Crusty, they should start out the camp by running the WipeOut course.

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