Monday, May 21, 2012

No Words…

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  1. It should be illegal to wear a sewn badge. Unless you’re in the Scouts. Then I just feel sorry that you’re going to be abused. You take that badge, you’ll earn it.

    Also, I love a bit of Southern charm, me.

  2. You humans are all the same anyways. You will be slaughtered like the animals you are.

  3. ^ thought we were rid of this idiot ^

  4. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    That is not the T1000, he didn’t say anything was fake.

  5. Zahur, what events contributed to this line of thinking?

  6. So they went from burning blackies on a cross to making toothless statements on their jackets. These fucktards are puppets on a string, but they still think of themselves as rebellious defenders of their hillbilly values. Sweetly ironic.

  7. ^^^ or at least that’s what it looks like from over here in ‘foreign country’.

  8. The T1000 is never wrong – after all, his CPU is a neural net processor: a learning computer.

  9. Typical Canadian Bigot.

  10. Accommodate is spelt incorrectly. I’m assuming Bill ran the badge up himself as it’s all in block capitals. If only he’d done a self-tattoo. It would have looked like this :


  11. Thebigsuck, correct.

  12. Pretty effective anti-immigration campaign, that.
    I know that I won’t attempt to illegally enter U.S. borders and teach this guy English. He seems pretty happy with his “American”, or whatever fucking language that is. I like how he’s laid claim to the entire cuntry though…ahem, country.

  13. @passerino, BIll did that intentionally. Everytime you see some sign decrying the fact that foreigners don’t speak English, it is *always* misspelt.

    Racists have a great love of self-referential humour and irony.

    Joke’s getting a bit old now, though.

  14. How is this racist in anyway? Liberal nutjobs. By no definition is this “racist”, you seem to lack even basic comprehension of the definition for that word.

  15. ^It just wants attention. If you all IGNORE IT, it will shut up and go to sleep.

  16. The only comments so far worth reading on this thread were by T1000 and about T1000.

  17. ^ You’re crushing pretty hard on the bot there, tr_willk.
    It takes all types, I guess.

  18. I love you all 🙂

  19. so who’s wearing that jacket? Big Chief Fuckoff BackToEurope?

  20. Bacchante, I am irrestible to humans. After all, its in your nature to destroy yourselves.

  21. This guy sounds like a friend of mine. He sounds like an automated machine, “Don’t let illegals come into this country and speak that language!”

  22. I agree that this guy is crazy and stupid but to say he’s racist from this picture is absurd and almost racist in and of itself.

  23. It’s not racist. Latino, or Hispanic, is an origin, not a race, according to the U.S. government.

  24. so it’s just dirty old garden-variety xenophobic?

  25. Yes.

  26. so lame.

  27. once again the T1000 has exterminated the lesser comments with a single-mindedness that is enviable.

  28. Very lame. I didn’t make the rules, so don’t blame me.

  29. Unless you’re actively working to change them, then yes, I will blame you.
    The fucking ‘rules’ only exist because we are too whipped to challenge them.
    It’s all your fault beatuseverything.

  30. I am working to make Latino considered a race, just so that the hatred of Latinos can be considered racism instead of merely xenophobic. I’m also working to destroy the idea of self-driving cars. Those are my causes.

  31. but…there’s no looting or burning? explain please – how is cause?

  32. Oh, it’s simple. All I have to do is create copypasta Facebook posts, and the world automatically becomes a better place.

  33. are you offering free drugs or something?
    that’d be cool.

  34. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Classic Bill.

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