Friday, September 23, 2011


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  1. Randy: NOT a good time to show the world that you heard about all that Chuck Testa stuff.

  2. and Emily: NOT a good time to take a picture of your grandma and put it on facebook. Unless this is one for the online family scrapbook, I can totally understand that. NOPE I can’t..

  3. niobium: at least she’s not doing the ‘partying with grandma’ thing like one picture they had here a couple years ago, with some dick posing by his grandmother’s casket doing a thumbs-up. I imagine karma has that dude by the balls these days.

  4. Posting pictures of dead relatives or otherwise is a cheap way of seeking attention on facebook. A status is enough to show your grief and get you some quick pity for a while. I’m with NOPE!!

  5. Yes because everyone wants to see a picture of your dead relative. Usually I feel bad for people when they lose someone they love but when they take the extra step to post a pic of it, it’s just beyond creepy.

  6. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    I only want to see pictures of relatives that died in horrible accidents, accidents that would normally call for a closed casket funeral.

  7. They should have put Jeanie in a bottle-shaped casket.

  8. did they bury her in her jammies?

  9. Why would giving a thumbs-up by a corpse bring negative karma? It’s just a dead body, and you’re just giving a thumbs up. Perhaps if you relieved yourself on it in front of everyone, but I can only imagine it would give the appropriate amount of negative karma for relieving yourself on someone else in public with no special treatment for said person not being alive.

  10. historyprof: of all things wrong with this photo, THAT is what you notice? SMDH…..

  11. lol@bottle-shaped casket…

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