Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not My Type!

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  1. first 🙂


  3. LOL @ Austin’s response: “ohh k then im sorry i dont spend all my time worrying about grammer”

    Looked through a lot of the posts and it appears that Austin is not the only idiot at Hyre. In fact, a lot of the parents who posted make some of the students who posted look pretty damn smart. Very sad.

  4. i thing nothink is really good 😀

  5. I dont get whats wrong with the pic. Is it the use of the ‘k’? Thats very commonly used in South England among schoolkids when writing ‘something/nothing’ etc, though it does grate on me it doesnt warrant a submission, nevermind acceptence to go on site *yawn*

  6. lol… I was also reading through the posts on the “I hate Hyre” page, and one post is very indicative of the education system these days. (Okay, I lied, a LOT of the posts are like this, but this one struck me as especially funny).

    In her rant, one girl spells board as “bord”, routine as “ruteen” **<– that's my favourite** and officials as "efficials"… but she had no problem spelling marijuana!

  7. I would like to think that Hyre is not a public school, the taxpayers should ask for refunds if so.

  8. loveydoveychloe

    What’s with the creepy red people behind the car?

  9. hellababe: I had the same thought! She spelled all the drugs correctly actually, so I guess we know where her priorities are.

    reveeeets: I’m guessing the problem stems more from the students than from the school.

  10. Gosh that awkward moment when you can spell far better in a person’s native language, even though you have never visited their country. Also, this is my first post on lamebook, I thought it was time to make an account.

  11. Have they misspelt Higher Middle School?

  12. The princess auto guy is a fucking moron. That’s like looking at a coke bottle and say ‘oh, well “coke” kinda looks like “cock” so I’ll post it up on facebook’. Not funny, not even close.

  13. win7ermute, I think the person who posted the first picture actually thinks that’s the way “incest” is spelled.

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  15. It looks like the girls who don’t think are posing on a scuzzy mattress.

  16. All those fuckers complain about is that their kids get disciplined, dress code is executed and followed, and obv. everyone is treated equally…boohoo

  17. Someone called?

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