Monday, August 22, 2011

Not My Type

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  1. Carpet deim bitches! Also,meh.

  2. You gotta say “Carpet Diem” when you are reluctant to go down on a woman, but ultimately decide to go for it and give it 100%.

  3. #2 – Surely that should be Carpe Carpet – Sieze the Carpet, Carpet Diem would be Carpet Day which would I assume be a marathon cunnilingus session.

  4. *Seize

  5. the last one made me snicker…

  6. How about Carpe Carpet Diem? Can we make this happen?

  7. I like to imagine that both Matts are the same person.

  8. These posts make me sad.

  9. So… Apart from the spelling, what the heck is Jennifer talking about? She never believed in physics until she went to one? Went to what? A physics? Huh? Or does she mean psychic? I’m confused.

  10. @darthvedder: Pretty sure she meant “psychic.” I can’t decide if she’s just dyslexic or if she’s really that stupid.

  11. Thank you for clearing that up for me, vindictivebitch.

    Also, I can now finally tick “calling someone a vindictive bitch and thanking them in the same sentence” off my bucket list.

    So thank you for that, too, vindictivebitch.

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