Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not My Type

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  1. thataintwhaturdaddysaid

    Am I the only one waiting for the race speculation of Kyandra (or Babycakes)?

  2. @1, if it weren’t for the afrocentric name I would say that these days she could be of any race.

    And I’d love to put a cleaver to Nathan and dismember him.

  3. Says “Jesstin” (Justin?) before self submitting himself.

  4. “your fucking cleaver”

    I think my head just exploded into hilarity
    Thank you, Nathan!

  5. I’d love to member Nathan…

  6. Brittney is retarded, we don’t have the technology to prevent illness in general.

  7. Also, can someone translate that gob of ghetto-text? Does it mean something like ‘How many men are willing to listen to their controlling bitch when she orders them around about who they can talk to? Not many, as most of them are unwilling to be in such an unhealthy relationship, which is why they can’t get laid.’

  8. Hit the nail on the head mad2. What is D.A.F? Down to arse fuck? Only in the ghetto would you see names like Kyandra, BabyCakes and Jesstin. I personally think Jesstin is a set of male/female conjoined twins.

  9. “Babycakes” So orgasmically funny

  10. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Brittney has a point. Why can’t science stop us getting sick? Why don’t they develop something that will prevent us from being infected by a pathogen? Maybe they could use something like, say, an inert variant of a pathogen itself to stimulate the body’s natural antibodies. That way once we’d been injected with it we’d have immunity to that strain of the disease. Something for all the boffins out there to think about.

  11. thataintwhaturdaddysaid

    Hahahahahahaha @ bradles. I *do* love conjoined twins humor.

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