Friday, May 20, 2011

Not My Type of Education

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  1. The hell is the third one!~?


  2. Guess she meant future…

  3. I hereby refute Elizabeth’s futer.

  4. It doesn’t look like much of a futer to me.

  5. Tofu – excellent anagraming.

  6. … almost.

  7. Please tell me Elizabeth was very drunk at her graduation party when she made that post.

  8. Yeah, she probably got “a head” of herself on that one…

    I’m surprised no one commented on the first two. C’mon, they deserve a bit of a salute. A for effort, F for existence

  9. I would fuck Futuregirl…I like her gold high heels…. I’d even tip a pint of babyfat on the rotund pink Tellytubby next to her.

    You can stand under my Mozzarella-ella-ella ay ay ay

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  11. Hmmmm Jordan air max you say?… And they do sound cheap…. Tell you what, throw in a tiny Indian child slave and it’s a deal.

    By the way what does two bummers flying a kite have to do with your Internet fashion house?

  12. About the second one.. Has the person who submitted it never heard of homeschooling before..?
    I’m a homeschooler.
    No, I’m not socially awkward, nor has my education lacked in any way.
    I wish people would understand that as long as you have a parent or tutor who makes sure you get a proper education, homeschooling is a perfectly acceptable alternate education choice.

  13. @Johnna – The reason it was submitted was because there is no such thing as “homeshooled.” It was spelled incorrectly. That is why it is funny. I cannot think of a more simplistic way to explain that. Next time, don’t be so defensive about how your parents screwed up your social life by coddling you at home instead of throwing you to the wolves.

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