Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not So Bright

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  1. Beeeeeeeeaaaaaveeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr loves Sttttttteeeeeeeeeveeeeeeerrrrrr!

    Crystal is stupid.

    Dis gurl wishs cancers in hur eyes so she dont have to sseeee dese kinda posts nomor.

  2. Awwwwe! <3 Thanks beaver

  3. Hasn’t this meme been bashed to death yet?

  4. What’s the deal with the first one?

  5. @bradles

    not sure if trolling, but Thanksgiving is Thursday.

    Gobble Gobble

  6. Not trolling, just unsure. I thought it may have been an annual Friday holiday… Oh lamebook, you get me so hard sometimes.

  7. and da gurl was all leik “omg”

  8. and da gurl wondered why everytime she looked in da mirror she kept staring at her tits.

  9. That second one is out of control. Gotta be fake, although I kind of hope it’s not.

  10. No Robynnn. It Is As Real As The Day Is Long.

    haha! j/k lol <3

    Nothing Get's Past You, Does It?

  11. Omg if that dr talked to me like that I would probably run screaming.

  12. hahaha “and da girl was all leik ‘omg'”

  13. leik omg! I wonder if da girl without eyes could spell better.


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  15. I think that second one just made me stupid..

  16. will not read 2nd one.

  17. I only cried at the second one because of the spelling

  18. I CRYED everytime I saw something like this…

  19. I cried when i saw this awful spelling… jeez! “read this everytime?” who would attempt to read this multiple times?!?! 😀

  20. dis gurl was in the hospital because i curb stomped her pathetic face into the concrete. jesus fucking christ, why do people make children?
    i couldn’t even get past the fucking sixth word or so. FUCK, what a retard.

  21. Ha!

  22. I only lol at the comments.

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