Monday, October 28, 2013

Not so Great Gatsby

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  1. Bernie was 10x funnier than anyone on Lamebook (me excluded) and he was dead!

  2. Ps. Where’d the extra 1% go??

  3. Poll was taken in Canada. That’s as close as you get to 100%.

  4. The Great Gatsby (2012) was an excellent movie i thought.

  5. If you keep counting rotten tormatoes, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  6. Steever is making a bad name for Canadians on lamebook.

  7. Dr.LesterForeskin

    My name is Dr.Lester Foreskin.
    I am a survivor living in New York city.
    Nothing went the way it was supposed to.
    There were 6 billion people on earth when the infection hit.
    I am broadcasting on all AM frequencies.
    If there is anyone out there..
    You are not alone.

  8. Barack Obama wishes he was STEEEEEEEEVERRRRRR!! Every single one of you fat inbread Americans gives ‘Murica a bad name.

  9. Good intro foreskin. How long did it take to think if that? Set up your character, but let’s see you back it up. I’m hoping your not a bored Will Smith, or sad as Jada has been banging Marc Antony.
    Good luck bud!

  10. Andrew McCarthy>Leo Asscrapio

  11. Spoiler much

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