Thursday, September 2, 2010

Not So Right Type

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  1. mmmmm… buttercrotch ice cream. That’d make it all worth while for fellatio.

  2. oh and first, third, tenth, who gives a shit

  3. I wonder how many times we can see somebody mispell a word as rape or crotch before it stops being funny…


  4. I will be posting photos of my “he finna b coma toast!” tattoo next week.

  5. Yay I can spell bottel like this too….but i got dyslexia so i can get away with it ha. I’m technically retarded when it come words….but you sir Cal are a idiot… which is worse?

    Sometimes I spell words so wrong that even spell checker can’t figure out what I’m spelling, so I just use other words haha

  6. mmmm buttercrotch. It’s the best of the crotches.

  7. Buttercrotch and coma toast are really good together!

  8. Coma toast.. ha ha

    Why did she say “he finally” the first time and then “he finna” the second time?

    Maybe she was mocking someone… coma toast is still amusing though.

  9. I like saying ‘coma toast’ out loud, it sounds like a slang wording for somebody who has smoked themselves to sleep after too much ganja.

    It’s not uncommon for some people to fall in love with their rapists LeeAnne, congrats.

  10. @MsBuzz – “finna” is to “fixing to” as “gonna” is to “going to”.

    shrug – whatcha finna do?

  11. I can’t believe that black guy’s name is LeeAnne…interesting.

  12. i believe the last one was 100% accurate.

  13. If I ever make a record, I’m calling it “Coma toast and Eggs”

    Also, I don’t recognize the rapper/raper from LeeAnne’s photo; to be honest though, I was distracted by her hooter-tastic shirt. You could say I was dist-RACK-ted.

  14. I hate coma toast!

  15. I wonder what LeeAnnes buttercrotch tastes like?

  16. I call fake on the second one. What’s with the ‘like’ button?

  17. Charlotte Sometimes

    not that i give a shit, but besides the “like” button being off on the second one, the distance between the status and where it says the time it was posted is not the same as the other two.
    i don’t wonder why someone would fake a dumbass entry, its what the lamebook peepz like.

  18. Actually a lot of the “likes” are like that on facebook now. Not sure why, but they are that way on my homepage as well.

  19. I’m thinking Marisa’s is in purpose, like that’s something one of them said when they were zonked out on nyquil. Just seems that way.

  20. I don’t understand how one one can erroneously spell ‘rape’ as any word that might scan properly into the given sentence. If our bimbette in question intended to relate the verb ‘to rap’; how in the name of jolly Jesus could she skip seven keys from ‘P’ to ‘E’ on the Qwerty without detecting that she might accidentaly, deliberately have made an error, and not have seen that It was a tad too obvious?.
    I smell either a rat or an idiot.

  21. With her painfully obvious and shoddy boob job, ridiculously gaudy and hideous Ed Hardy tank top, and horrible gum-to-tooth ratio, LeeAnne looks like the type of haggard hosebeast who begs for strange penis on a regular basis. The above criteria makes me believe that she has, in fact, had every single one of her already limited number of brain cells forcefully fucked out of her skull. The fact that she mistook the word “rape” for “rap” is not shocking in the least; I’m amazed that she came as close as she did to the correct spelling.

  22. Pretty sure she meant rape.

  23. comma toast is ALMOST AS good as driving like mario and dreddy! Mario and Dreddy was the best 😉

  24. I wonder if “buttercrotch” is anything like “butterface”.

    #23 – when I was a kid I thought Mario and Dreddy were two people! I thought I was the only one. I never understood why they got to have two guys in the car and no one else did. 🙂

  25. @nuff

    Yeah I think you’re referring to a kind of Stockholm syndrome except minus hostages and plus really good surprise buttsecks (couldn’t help it).

    good shout

  26. @greenstrings


  27. @ # 24, that’s cute! The person who posted it was old enough to drive, so it was just dumb.

  28. My boyfriend has that shirt! 🙂

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