Monday, July 7, 2014

Not Sure…

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  1. The Beast Among Us

    It’s not sarcasm. OP is a genuine idiot.

  2. We wait for 4 days and this is what we get?

  3. I like Uganda!

  4. I agree. Let’s rearrange the alphabet!

  5. Jeffry this is Lamebook, they take their union-mandated 4 day weekends because it’s too difficult to approve a picture.

    Anyway I don’t get why this is so bad, most .com websites happen to be AMERICAN with, I dunno, AMERICAN customers and it’s just convenient when USA is at the top instead of scrolling all the way past Afghanistan and other third-world countries I’ve never heard of. Same goes with UK and Canada though, I can’t stay on my American horse for too long.

  6. For fucks sake people, don’t be so idiotic. Websites can easily detect in which country you are. So it’s dead simple to make U.S.A. the default value for an online shopper in the U.S.A., and Zimbabwe for somebody in Zimbabwe.

  7. Maybe if you fat yanks got off your computers and out of the house, you’d actually discover a few of the countries on that list

    *cliche-filled rant over*

  8. Or, Mario, you could just hit the U-button on your keyboard, bringing you all the way down till, I assume, USA.

  9. The guy kind of has a point. It’s something that should be applicable by default on websites with registration forms.

    …op is still a faggot though.

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  11. @ lost dog . hey you “fat yanks” really.. Coming from someone who is sitting on lame book, commenting, on their computers, telling Americans to get off their computers.. funny

    I’m hot, skinny, American and most likely wouldn’t look twice at you so please shut up. thank you

  12. Yet you’re on Lamebook, which should be too lame for you.

  13. Skinny? So no ass, really.

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