Monday, March 22, 2010

Not the Sharpest Tools

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  1. mike ahahahahhhahahahah

  2. Love that I’m not the only one who dreams of below par sea snails

  3. @XS- you living in Canada will explain it. I know kids who have been fined and given community service. But a lot of bouncers do just throw it out, you are correct, but it is a possibility, hence the cop CONSIDERING it.

  4. and I meant at the fish and chip shop, not and.

  5. I signed up just so I could say that lexluthor’s comment made me laugh way too hard.

  6. @AussieGirl – I’d say she is the direct result of her parents. So they probably are proud and don’t see anything wrong with her.

  7. The 2nd one cracks me up, but then makes me feel guilty at the same time because we are obviously dealing with someone who is over minimal mind.

    Whatever. That’s how people roll on Facey B.

  8. 1 and 4 are both winners. I laughed at Ali’s status, it’s the kind of mistake I’d make.

  9. LOL #2 makes excellent mary sue material

  10. Henral G from Facey B, he got no ID for the snails in the sea!

  11. dancesforcookies

    Number 2 is the kind of girl who has been or will be a guest on Jeremy Kyle with all the other Chavs.1 and 4 ftw.

  12. Steve’s comment to Loren: I misread “rollicking” as “rickrolling” and thought to myself, “that seems like an appropriate punishment.”

  13. Wow, I wanna meet #2, talk some shit to her face and atcks her-she sucks. Loren just equals Mega Fail in every way, lol

  14. ps Guaranteed, Karl’s in jail atm

  15. Not entirely sure, but if “rolicking” means what I think it means, then I love the double fail in the Loren/Dad-Steve exchange. While busting his daughter for the stupidity of airing her criminal intent on facey b, he admits his own practice of police brutality.

  16. facey b? oh dear god.

    So she’s engaged but put that she’s married… interesting… not… And where can I get some mood eyes?

  17. Number 2, PARAGRAPHS PLEASE!!!! It hurts my eyes to look at it!!

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