Friday, February 26, 2010

Noteworthy News

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  1. Second one was on here before. Boo.

  2. double boo. lame lamebook.

  3. 2 3 and 4 were already on here. And some people are so ignorant.

  4. Third one was here before too, I’m pretty sure.

  5. Frank, FTL for submitting your own post.

  6. Yeah, the OJ one was definitely on here last week.

  7. Lamebook is becoming lame.

  8. And to think, Juliana and her friends have the right to vote in this country. Ugh.

  9. I dont care about the rest but steven made me laugh

  10. Its dhat true?

  11. how do you know who submitted?

  12. unfrozencavemanlawyer

    Hasn’t the Haiti/Martini joke been on lb, like, 6 times now?

  13. I can’t quite comprehend what the last one actually says but it seems like Juliana thinks it’s hilarious that someone was killed. I know you could argue that what they do is cruel to the animals but from what I’ve seen; Shamu seems to be having a whale of a time when performing!!
    Also, Steven’s was pretty funny. The rest are not and have been done before, putting different names beside them, does not make them anymore funny Lamebook!!

  14. …and it wasn’t funny the first time.

  15. These are so overplayed. Also, Shamu wasn’t the whale that killed the people.



  17. This is all pretty funny but let’s be serious. I do, for real, have a tattoo on the back of my butt and it does say, “shamu, dont fuck with it.”

    nd I one time killed a ladyy.

  18. Also, what Jaz said. Shamu is the name given to every Orca at a sea world park whenever they’re performing, but the whale that killed the lady was called Tilikum.
    Yeah, it was during a ‘Dine With Shamu’ show, but the news could still do some fucking research. If somebody playing Romeo in Romeo & Juliet dies on stage, Romeo didn’t die.

  19. Good analogy, Hobo, good explanation. Good.

  20. Yes, Lamebook. People dying is hilarious. So is putting up the same posts every other day. Great job.

  21. LOL @ Steven. The rest of them – just no.

  22. @ Christine- I don’t think we’re supposed to be laughing at the death of others, we’re supposed to be derisively laughing at the fucking retards who put this shit up on facebook and think that they’re hilarious. The humour comes from watching a veritable clusterfuck of stupidity.

  23. Juliana, Selena, and Lexus need to be beaten to death with a pitching wedge.

    Never mind – if someone beat them to death, one of their even more retarted friends would be posting within 3 hours that the deaths were “funni shyt.”

  24. @Stretch:

    Let he or she who is not “retarted” cast the first tone 😉
    I kid, I kid 🙂

  25. Tilikum, should’ve been Tilikillem. Then, maybe they would’ve had some insight. “I’ll go swim with the KILLER whale, what could go wrong?”

  26. Only slightly more ‘humorous’ is “Dine With Shamu”. The trainer didn’t know what they were getting into. Tilikum.

  27. @ Gaybriel – Thanks, I got that. It still isn’t funny, seeing as every second post on Lamebook has these same terrible jokes.

  28. Although Romeo did die.
    I should have thought that through.

  29. …did you hear Shamu did it on porpoise?

  30. …for the halibut?

  31. Haiti jokes gotta stop. It’s sick, savage, and written by individuals who have been brought up by mommy and daddy in thier comfortable nice homes. Crossing the line!!

  32. So your saying Shamu had a… porpoise.

  33. …tuna next week for more updates.

  34. Well, I heard that they are getting a new, “safer” show at SeaWorld. Instead of Orca the killer whale, the are hiring Norman the involuntary manslaughter whale…

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