Monday, February 13, 2012

Nut Job

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  1. Mutant!!!

  2. Ninja!!!


  4. sorry, I’ve been so busy fingering myself to those uppity blacks on whitewatchdotcom that I barely have time to read the comments here anymore…

  5. ^^are u fucking kidding me??

  6. Didn’t you know? That’s why it’s gone so quiet here. We’ve all been there with Jenny.

    A young fellow named ytmutation recommended the site. Lovely chap. Member of the KKK I heard, whatever that is.

  7. Whyt fo lyf!

  8. Cassie should guard those squirrels. A white person may try to have sex with them.
    Am I doing it right?

  9. I’m surprised Cassie isn’t fucking those squirrels herself. I mean her name is spelled right so she must be white and hence a squirrel-fucker, right?
    Myself, I prefer chipmunks.

  10. @MsanneThrope I laughed harder at that than the last sextillion posts on this site. If I had a gold star sticker I would give it to you through the internets

  11. yo, YT be tryin to have secks with anything that move, and if it don’t move, he be pushin it!

  12. hi jennyslade, what type of music are you into ?

  13. /eyeroll

  14. haha Ms Thrope, jelly much?

  15. he’s quite a catch jen. treat him right.

  16. Aww, fuck. Now I want a gimp.
    Where are you gonna keep it, Jenny?

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