Thursday, September 3, 2009

O No Joe


O No Joe


I think it sucks you found out you’re going to have another kid via an America Online product. Now I think it’s only a matter of time until one of our Lamebookers makes a “You’ve Got Kids”  .wav file.

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  1. Clearly since you posted in all caps and put several extra exclamation points after it, your statement must be true.

  2. This is incredibly hilarious and oh so sad all at the same time.

    So you stuck your dick in a “whore”, claim to have never “cum” yet you will pay for the abortion because YOU don’t want another child. Hello? Stupid ass? You just proved your a lier. If you truthfully were wearing a condom OR never came in her you wouldn’t claim the child or pay for an abortion! How you then claim someone else is a whore or a lier is mind boggling.

    YOU Joe are the whore and a lier.

    To whoever actually had the horrible luck to get pregnant by this guy: My dearest condolences to you. You could be the worst person in the world (we don’t know you) and you still don’t deserve to have to carry this man’s pathetic DNA for 9 months.

    Lastly Joe FYI: Abortions don’t exist for YOUR personal birth control. Put it back in your pants, shut the fuck up and leave the vagina’s alone. They are definitely not for you.

  3. Hi Joe!

  4. By the way, what is this Jason story that I am missing? Could somebody please fill me in or send a link?

  5. i don’t understand why people pay for paternity tests when they can just go on Maury.

  6. @Jenny: the Jason story was removed from this site because Jason was a total douchebag loser about the whole thing. you can still find it if you google “Jason’s Monster Fail”.

  7. what i wanna know, tho, is if she IS pregnant.


  8. So i stopped reading about 100 posts ago but i would like to say a couple things; first off who cares about spelling, second off no one knows joe or the chick he did or didn’t impregnate. He claims he slept with her while drunk and wrote some posts while drunk. Other than him possibly having a drinking problem I don’t know him well enough to judge if he is or isn’t an idiot and if this girl is or isn’t a whore and neither do most of the people on here. And people FYI it doesn’t take a moron to get a girl pregnant.

  9. Thank you, Guinevere! <3

  10. Samantha

    It’s not so much what he said on the facebook status anymore, it’s all the bullshit he’s said on here since.

  11. I think Joe’s classy. Really.

  12. you’re welcome, Jenny. i do what i can. 😉

  13. Trillian

    I did read everything he said but i am referring mostly to the people who judged him before he put in his two sense, but even after i think some people went way overboard.

  14. This scenerio reminds me of a poem I once wrote:

    I want my baby back.
    Baby back.
    Baby back.

    Barbeque sauce.

    The moral of the story: Come nuzzle up to a Bahama Mama Blue Ice Chiller, only $14.99 this week only. Tell ’em the pepper sent you.


  16. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    i honestly can’t believe these cunts inhabit the same world as me

  17. “You’ve got kids .wav file” LMAO


  18. NOT Prick-less–I meant Priceless.


  19. 219 comments just a bit more than the usual posts.

  20. Post count increased!

  21. i love how everyone is like if he didnt come why would he think hes the father? umm…yeah it only takes one sperm in sum precum to knock sum1 up. altho highly unlikely its still humanly possible. i mean its very unlikely so dont go freaking out or nuthing cuz theres ph. balance issues that kill sperm plus the whole thing about oh no which ovoduct do i take to the egg and then the whole or deal of actually breaking thru the egg before dying…couple with the fact that females only ovulate 2 daysa month and it takes sperm awhile to get up there and it dies 3-7 daysafter its in there but then again there are these thngs called supersperm that can reach their destination in 30 mins and do the job (look it up) i swear thats the sperm that douchebags posses.

  22. he ll pay the abortion only if it s his`?? Well…who ll pay for the DNA test on the embryo to prove that it s his ??

  23. Well, after about five minutes of watching and reading, I ceased to care anymore. It is his right to be a douchebag and the girl to be a whore. We only judge others to seek answers within ourselves…now where is my Nobel Peace Prize?

  24. @Tristan: Sorry, you have to be president to get one of those.

  25. ever heard of condoms?

  26. Cause I mean, if you talk to them on AIM, updating your facebook status to let them know you’ll pay for the abortion is surely the best way to communicate it.. assclown.. (I think he just wanted people on facebook to know he had sex once)

  27. Oh, Joe. When will men learn that they don’t have to actually ejaculate to impregnate someone?

  28. Leave those muchacha sucias alone, Joe. When will you learn?

  29. I would love to find out how this one turned out, really. Can someone tell me when the deadbeat dad’s paternity show will be on Maury. This guy could carry the whole show!

  30. Hey moron, I got news for you; birth control!

  31. Condom. Use one.

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