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  1. I always wondered what batshit crazy LOOKED like.
    Now I know


  3. This is really sad. This girl has set in stone what should have been an ephemeral teen fantasy that she is going to be ridiculed for in years to come. She can’t just tear down the posters from her bedroom walls and pretend the crush never happened like us pre Internet teenagers did.

    Come to think of it, she looks too old to be a teenager.

  4. I really hope she’s in high school.

  5. GoogleImage “twilight tattoo”

    Now that is crazy.


  7. I want to say I’m surprised, but my room is filled with Mario characters…

    Hey at least they aren’t framed.

  8. WOW! If R Pattz doesnt already have an injunction he sure needs to act quick.

  9. To whomever took all of those crazy pictures…

    The correct way to write it is “Pieces of him and me”.

  10. Oh, and you’re nucking futs!

  11. I don’t get why the fuck these movies are so goddamned incredible. Seriously. Ryan Gosling can actually act, is actually attractive (no homo), and doesn’t get nearly as much fan crazy. There are a hundred examples of people who do awesome movies and don’t get fans half as obsessed as these do, but totally earn it. I’m not saying anyone deserves to be stalked as hardcore as this chick does, but still. Misplaced enthusiasm much?

  12. @LexLuther

    Kerry was much better than Bush, but lost out

    Pearl Jam were much better than Nirvana, but weren’t as monumental

    Ryan Gosling is, like, TOTALLY dreamy (small homo) but less stalked than this Edward guy…

    Lesson? People like attainable things. If things are a bit shit, but kind of inspiring also, then people dig it because it’s not ‘preaching at me good’ but ‘I could probably manage that good’.

    Y’dig? Welcome to GonzoPsych, semester 1. Now put your pants back on.

  13. @gonzo and @lexluther, I think people just want to belong… They feel they do if they agree with everyone else.

    It’s just like that crap about Heath Ledger’s Joker being the best performance in the history of overdosed people… BS.

  14. What are you talking about? Ledger’s joker was amazing, and pretty much the only good thing about that otherwise mediocre-to-awful movie.

  15. I’ve never actually seen anyone use ‘no homo’ in all seriousness. Lex – you’re a dick.

  16. That was the first batman movie I ever watched just to see his “stellar” performance. It was really one of the most over-rated celebrity performances in history. My grandfather could have done a better job, and he’s a farmer.


    Somebody was taking pictures of the obssed girl. The person that took the pics is just as crazy as the girl. It’s like those morbidly obese people that have to broken out of their houses; the feeder is just as guilty as the eater.

  17. Wow wee. It seems she’s actually gone to a lot of trouble to replicate some of those images. Fairly good job on her part, but yeah, bat shit crazy. I dont get the whole phenomena thing either. I liked the Paranormal Activity trilogy, but i’m not gonna go deck my room out with posters or take crazy obsessed pics. How can admiration turn into obsession so frequently with these tween movies?

  18. Everything about this sucks

  19. blessthefreaks1980

    Oh god. This brings back embarrassing memories of my 11 year old self’s bedroom covered with NKOTB shit. Depending on her age, I think the decor is pretty normal. All those pics? That’s what pushes her to borderline insane.

  20. I just threw up in my mouth a little

  21. God damn, she needs a hobby. I guess she gets out of the house every now and then though, as she goes trawling for photographic props and locations…

  22. Brandy, ‘no homo’ is a phrase used solely by those still in the closet.

  23. I wanna set that room on fire and I wanna slap some sense into that stupid girl. What a fraking moron!

  24. This is insanity. I MIGHT let the decked out room slide, but those pictures….ridiculous. Even her clothes match his.

  25. who else but a poor, lonely spinster would sleep in that narrow bed? girl’s gotta dream. even if she is batshit crazy. geez louise, tell me there’s a wiki-dictionary where we can post that next to the definition.

  26. ‘No homo’ is funny, if used ironically. Which is every time. Cos I refuse to believe anyone actually needs to use it literally…

    That performance of the joker in that batman film was ok. To be honest, Jack Nicholson was better, I thought.

    I didn’t think the Twilight movie I saw (dunno which it was) was all that bad to be honest. I’ve seen worse. I’ve not read the books though.

    Come on, if people can watch Harry Potter and get dressed up as a fuckin gremlin or whatever then people should be allowed to watch Twilight and… you know… cut the shape of a vampire into themselves with a knife or whatever…

  27. Can you imagine if FB was around when The Beatles or Elvis were in their heyday? It would’ve been the same shit. Now don’t think I’m saying that douche is comparable to those guys, I just mean young girls being obsessed with famous guys is nothing new.

  28. ^^^Young girl???? She looks like a 35 year old ex-heroin addict.

  29. I’d do’er.

  30. definitely Walter

  31. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Crazy girls are mad-hot in the sack. I mean real freaky shit; the kind of thing that would make a veteran fetish porn star nauseous.

  32. Y U no love Taylor slutner….

  33. The room is bad enough, but the pictures are just…just…words can’t even…

  34. Nah, I reckon she took the photos herself. And yeah, she’s not a teenager. Looks at least 30. Not sure whether to laugh or cry.

  35. Regardless of her age it’s kind of scary… obsession can be a scary thing. And just saying, but she could be any age really – have you seen all those twilight fan moms? Creeps me out.

    Also, the “no homo” thing was kind of ridiculous. There should never be a man so insecure about his sexuality that he feels a need to confirm it all the time by saying “no homo”. We get it. You bang vaginas.

  36. Wow that girl obviously needs a life. And if that girl ever gets laid, it will only be by @drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

  37. Twilight obsessed people are seriously insane. Someone once told me to “go die in a corner” because I don’t like Kristen Stewart, seriously those were their exact words. I have respect for Robert Pattinson though, because he hates Twilight so very much.

  38. I’m a fan of Twilight. I like the books, the movies were alright, but some people are just fucking insane when it comes to it. Example A above..

    My friend was at the London premiere, and that girl with the pictures of “her and Rob” was there. On her Twitter account or something, she threatened Kristen Stewart (with what, no idea. But she was planning to hurt her.) and fans found the pictures and her threats and showed them to Summit Security at the premiere, so the escorted her out. —

  39. And now…. the proof Robert (something) does look like a girl! .. or she looks like a teenage vampire who shines in the sun… uhhhhhh…. can’t decided which is more insulting! pffffff. twilight! :S

  40. *can’t decide

  41. and i thought i was obsessed with britney spears 13 years ago. this proves that i just had a small baby crush on her.

    but this. . .this. . if fucking insane, and i am so depressed to see the proof of absolute batshit crazy, and what it does. . i really really REALLY hope she is in middle school.

  42. but she looks too fucking old for middle school. oh my fuck this is just scary.

  43. Everyone has their own taste in men and all, but dear GOD, that man is hideous.

    @lexluther (#13): Ryan Gosling isn’t attractive either, if you ask me.

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