Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh Baby!

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  1. My guess is that Sandra can hold a beer can on her belly WITHOUT a baby in it.

  2. Adam, You seem like a fun guy, and no doubt are pretty pleased with yourself for knocking up your missus, but sooner than you think she will morph into a sexless harridan just looking for an excuse to unleash her craziness/contempt/apparent hatred upon you…

    My advice is to make the most of her firm and swelling boobs NOW because the next time you are alllowed to use them as nature intended (ie sexual playthings) there will be a crying 18 month old nearby, and they will resemble an old footy sock full of sand…

    Oh, and congratulations…

  3. beatus: You are correct.
    slicing: You’re all heart but you are able to predict the future accurately.
    Kira: You called it. There is no hope for Lala.

  4. Is it too late to push the NO MA BUTTON on Lala?

  5. No Adam, you’re Mrs is driving the porcelain bus because she’s been on the turps. See what your shitty jokes make her do?

    As for the other two, who thought it was ok to let them breed?

  6. Adam, you idiot, she’s probably just drunk. it must be nearly time for breakfast.

  7. that’s what morning sickness is in 97% of some cases – just worse hangovers becoz you’re having to drink for two, now.

  8. FYI — The toilet seat cover is down

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