Friday, October 12, 2012

Oh God

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  1. I’m fairly well versed in profanity, but I can’t think of any words beginning with either H or N that should cause concern to a parent…

  2. @Ezui, I’m thinking the “H” word could be a word which is sometimes applied to women, and the “N” word is probably the “N” word sometimes applied to black people.

  3. I knew the n word. Still confused about the h word though.

  4. Hel* ho hooch hump. And countless others a 8 year old shouldnt know

  5. Hell is a fictional place where bad people go, hooch is booze (maybe you meant hootchie?) and a camel has a hump. Why are these words an 8 year-old shouldn’t know?

  6. I am the Dad in this post. I thought she was going to tell me the “H Word” was “Ho”. “N Word” should be pretty obvious…

  7. ^EAT_ASS; are you fucking serious?
    any normally socialized 8 year old child should DEFINITELY have come across the word ‘ho’ by now, unless you are some sort of weirdo, stupidly-repressed, home-school, cult freaks.
    And if you’re too fucking wet to have any sort of rational discussion about racism and n1ggers with her, maybe you should surrender her to a liberal-minded human so she wont grow to be as fucking scared and weak as you?

    that is because it’s 2012, NOT 1912, you stupid xian fucks.

  8. LOL, yeah, cause a troll like you is obviously someone I should be taking parenting advice from! LOL! Your parents could have used some advice, mainly: “You should just swallow this particular load”. Yeeeew fucktard. HAND! 🙂

  9. Oh God. I’m glad none of you will ever find someone willing to have children with you, because you would make the SHITTIEST parents. I can imagine you talking to your kids about anal sex when they’re 10 or something. Seriously, what the fuck.

  10. ‘Nut’ is another word for penis? Did I miss a memo? Thats whats worrying me.

  11. Oh, Smimp, quit being such a nut.

  12. You know, I think that for an 8-year-old the “H” word might mean whore. Since some of them don’t know how to spell it properly.


  14. Haha MsAnne the Man got slaughtered in the comments as usual.

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  16. The ‘H’ word – H-E-double-hockey-sticks?

  17. carlosspicyweiner

    Biden smiles when someone says penis

  18. ^ Don’t hold it against him.

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  20. oshizzlegizzengar

    Wtf how did a 6 year old girl hear a conversation about nut and penis???

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