Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh Jeez…

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  1. godschild should give up live for lent

  2. *life

    and apparently I should as well…

  3. haha nice one Slim

  4. If I remember my Bible correctly Jesus was raped for Lent / Easter wasn’t he?… Didn’t the Romans arse fuck him with an enormous Easter egg and a hot cross bun or something?… Poor Jesus I bet he hates Easter Eggs now.

  5. Almost correct, the Romans had him gang raped by 12 guys in dresses. It is not very well documented but the Romans where fascinated by Gay comedy.

  6. No Easter Eggs then?!

    I fucking knew the Bible was a pack of misleading deceitful lies.

    Please tell me that it’s true that Santa gave Jesus a present of Frankenstein when he was born at least.

  7. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Godschild that is definitely not a “bad girl” and Luz fails as well.It’s wrapped you idiot.

  8. It’s spelled “wrapped,” unless he meant she did a rap song about Him. I’m just saying, if your going to correct a typo, make sure you spell it right yourself…

  9. crazylogic, I appreciate your attempt at correcting people. But if you’re (note the correct spelling) going to correct someone, make sure you do it correctly.

    You’re = you are. Say it over and over to yourself.

  10. Well gee, I can’t imagine why you’re single, “Godschild”.

    But you keep on pretending it’s by choice, kay?

  11. After I posted that comment, I tried to find this dude on FB. It was harder than I expected. There’s an astonishing number of large black guys named Godschild on Facebook.

  12. godschild is is like a living, breathing, oxymoron. also, usually girls that love Jesus aren’t real big on giving dome until they are married. but i suggest testing that theory in a church and see if u don’t get stabbed by the nearest crucifix

  13. *with the nearest crucifix

  14. Mofo, that would be a giant KEASTER Egg. Buh dum Chhhh. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun.

  15. That’s amusing. I’ve never heard Shrove/Pancake Tuesday referred to as Fat Tuesday.

  16. word, you’ve heard of Mardi Gras, though, haven’t you? That’s “Fat Tuesday” in French. I’ve never heard of it as Pancake Tuesday…but I guess it makes sense, as too many pancakes will make you a fat.

  17. If I would save all my passionate (sic) for the lord, I could used it to give Him a old fashioned waterboarding session.

  18. i love malteaser too

    Yay, I saw you, Mr. Jayz, post and I dropped in to say hi. No more LOL’s of the past nowadays. My muse seems to have disappeared. I pray (figuratively speaking) for her safety everyday.

  19. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I loved malteaser too, 3 times. 😀

  20. Me too … so poised and composed all the time. C’mon malteaser, give us one for old times sake!

  21. i love malteaser too

    She showed signs of a breakdown in the end though. She spoke actual words. And also disclosed her gender. That was a sign that she was unhappy. Unhappy means no more lol. :'(

  22. This is a prime example of why religious fucktards are retarded!

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