Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh Pooh

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  1. Good self submit there Darrell.

  2. Love it! Pooh quotes are weird.

  3. Why does everyone assume everything is self-submitted?
    If that’s a problem, then why come to the site at all?

  4. vaginalroundhouse

    Naga thinks he/she deserves an academy award for best original screenplay so he/she has to come on of all sites, lamebook, to criticize someone’s post.

  5. The only way to be certain that something like this is self-submitted is if it happens to be less than a minute old. Let’s not jump to conclusions, Naga.

  6. Self submitters cannot wait for longer then ‘a second ago’ to capture the screen with a smug face and submit it with a lazy click of the mouse.

  7. Naga is Frodo (do we still use that term? Frodo? It’s been so long

  8. You know what? I miss Paddington Bear. It’s all highly irregular, but…

  9. Why has this fucking bear been allowed to be called ‘Pooh’ all these years? It really embarrasses me, you know – as a higher species?

  10. Wait. No poo jokes? Come on guys!!

  11. @msanne. I think its because ‘winnie the sh1t’ is offensive.

  12. There ya go.

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