Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh Sheet!

Oh Sheet

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  1. Tim,
    I should fucking hope not.

    I once had a friend that had a (clean) tampon glued on his wall. It was quite the conversation piece.

    I’ve never made a mess like that, doesn’t mean I wasn’t enjoying it. Also, period blood is not at all like ‘the other regular juices;. Never mind the color, the different smell is more than enough proof of that.

  2. @StealthBanana
    Well actually, it is possible that women, when aroused enough and having a gspot orgasm can actually cum out lots of fluid, not unlike a man cumming. Mind blowing orgasms can do that to you.
    Haven’t you people seen porn before?
    And the smell thing, that’s totally circumstantial to the girl you are fucking and what SHE smells like.

  3. flips' Grandmother

    Sheesh, what a lot of fuss over a little blood.

    Besides, with it being a black and white image, can we even be certain it is *blood*?
    (grab a bucket while you think about it, you lightweights)

  4. Oh my. Now my long lost relatives are seeping into other conversations…

  5. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Your grandmother is seeping flips?
    Hope she cleans up after herself – not like skanky Issy.

  6. @willa,
    not really defending disgusting lounge chair thing but at most guys houses there is no bin and you can’t flush those things, maybe she hid it there and was gonna grab it in the morning and forgot. Make her more stupid than disgusting at least.

  7. @Willa

    You think that they won’t notice being covered with blood when they wake up, that they won’t glance at the bed, or remember/work out what they did the night before? That’s pretty hung over don’t you think?

  8. @flips’ Grandmother
    It took me a bit of scrutinising but I’m pretty sure that is blood. Not just the darker colour of it, but the fact that the ring around the edge of the stain is a slightly different colour – check out your clothes next time you get a cut and a drop falls on and you’ll see what I mean.

  9. I would say the girl probably had her period, and was super embarassed, hoping no one would notice, especially since she’s obviously a young person..Putting that up on Fbook & tagging her name is SO EVIL I can’t beleive it!!!

  10. Umm, Jelly: You must not be a woman, or have never had this accident happen to you/someone you know..cause it surely looks like this

  11. @Therapist 13(F) – PMSL!

  12. I like how when ranting about this Sam has the presence of mind to refer to his mother as “dear”.

  13. If guys want to go ahead and earn their red wings, that’s no problem with me. But if a guy tried to even go within a foot of my pusswah when I’m on the rag, he would get a swift kick to the dick. I cannot for the life of me understand how any female can possibly be in the mood for sex when she is bleeding out her womb lining/suffering from immense period related pain/is bloated to the point of discomfort, etc. Sure doesn’t sound like a turn on to me…..

  14. mmmm i love burgr in bed with extra ketchup while doing the nasty

  15. >Willa

    I’m a girl and I prefer Puritan sex with the lights off. Really, my disgust comes at the fact nothing was cleaned! Like I said, I am impressed at the amount. Sex on the rag usually happens in the shower in my home so I have no fucking clue how messy it is.

  16. I know its gross but why couldn’t he just tell her it was gross? I think he is kind of an arsehole.

  17. Seriously, the whole “sad snowman” business just made my day.

  18. Did anyone think of the possibility that they didn’t actually have sex, and she just had her period and bled through her tampon or whatever?

  19. someone earned their red wings, but left them on that sheet.

  20. Maybe they were attacked by bears.

  21. @Gill
    Not quite sure what you’re getting at. My point was that it WAS blood on the sheets.

  22. Starkeisha Ponette La Donshay

    People having period sex in my bed makes ma a saaaaaad snowman 🙁

  23. @TR U DA MAN

  24. It looks like a sad face.

  25. issy was rude…she has to pay with embarassment ^^


  27. completely fucking wrong of ‘sam’ to post it, regardless of the situation.

  28. this is the best fucking conversation ever
    me and sam (the one who’s bed this is) read through this after i accidentley come across this on the website
    oh god i love life

  29. fucking loving this “snowman” convo guys 😀

  30. Christ! Stupid hormone raged retards! Put a towel down or something!

  31. if you look at it sideways it looks like a snowman face

  32. Holy shit it does look like a snowman! That is one possessed vagina!

  33. hahahahahaha and he tagged her in it too! genuis!!!

  34. without the pics we would have nothing to comment on or make fun of…looks like someone got their redwings, bwahahahaha, totally see the snowman…

  35. Disgusting, but deserves it.

    Why can’t they have sex in the shower, when she had her period. It’s much cleaner, than on bed

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