Tuesday, November 22, 2011

OK, You Win

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  2. Clearly #4 has a sibling. Wanker.

  3. I live near Cumming, founded 1869 by Richard Cumming.
    Fun fact: his great-grandson Mike Hunt Cumming served as mayor in the 1950s.

  4. christopherlovet, I’m gonna need proof of the Mike Hunt Cumming claim…

  5. Bacchante, I’d suggest you do a simple google image search using those key words.
    I just did and it was most entertaining.

  6. So, what is Suroor up to these days??

  7. I live in Cumming, Georgia and those are pretty lame jokes christopherlovet. Cumming was actually founded in 1834…duh! I did hear they wanted to rename Alpharetta Georgia to Throbbing, Georgia…just because its so close to Cumming

  8. *rimshot*

  9. Thanks MsAnne! That was so much better than the time I google image searched “blue waffles” at someone’s suggestion.

  10. /chuckles.
    Oh yeah, blue waffle – rookie mistake!

  11. once your shown the blue waffle, you can never forget it. at least i can’t. an imagine that disgusting insists on sticking in your brain. moldy blue cheese waffles anyone?

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