Monday, November 28, 2011

OK, You Won

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  1. Pretty sure this is a rerun.

  2. And don’t be so preechy!

  3. Codename Dutchess

    Oh sloots…so funny in their hypocrisy.

  4. *preach

  5. slicingupeyeballs

    I’m pretty sure if Kaitlyn was just sucking guys off and taking it up the arse it was ok by Jesus…

  6. Codename Dutchess

    slicingupeyeballs– Agreed. It’s a well known fact that Jesus loved ass to mouth. It’s in the Bible, near the back (obviously.)

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  8. Who’s fabulous? Lamebook is fabulous.

  9. Holy mother of spam and reposts

  10. Nice. The fact that “preach” is spelled correctly in the earlier posting makes it even lamer.

  11. gay is only a sin if you’re doing it right.

  12. Exactly, MsAnneThrope. Because god stashed our souls in our poopers, and he doesn’t like it when we allow our souls to get dicked.

  13. Soup,leave your g0d out of this. Getting dicked is exactly what your g0d seems to be about.

  14. ^ No that was you,and we already knew that.

  15. Why don’t any of these mofos know how to spell??? PREECH? MAROON? What the hell!!!

  16. yodawg, if you’re gonna try to troll me, either step it up or fuck it off.
    Because that was just crap.

  17. vaginalroundhouse

    ^ I thought yodawg did a nice job and since you responded, I say he got the best of you.

  18. ^not really. I’ve responded to way shittier than that…and I just did it again, too.

  19. Slendermans Girlfriend

    I like how more people liked her comment than the actual status :}

  20. no

  21. I’d bet Adam and Ryan finger each other after church.

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