Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Old Friends

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  1. As king of Lamebook, I have made a Constitution for all the Lambookers.

    Law One-If you see steever, report him to me, and I will make sure to execute him.

    Law Two- Everyone here has a right to say and do whatever they please. No one shall Criticize the other on their ideas, skin color, or Gender.

    Law Three-Everyone must participate in Commenting, to share a community.

    Law Four. First is now hearby Banned, and anybody caught saying it will be Exiled.


  2. The Beast Among Us

    ^ What if we talk about fisting your mom?

  3. upto I looked at the receipt for $7844 , I accept that…my… father in law was realie taking home money part time at there computar. . there dads buddy started doing this for under 9 months and recently repaid the depts on there condo and got a great Fiat Multipla . try this out


  4. Steeeeeeveeeerrrr will just be over here fisting Tarlocks mom’s butt if anyone needs me.. I’m sure I’m not first tho….

  5. You can talk about fisting moms, sure.

  6. Also Steeever is going to die.

  7. Tarlock is a knob and needs adhere to the rules and overlords, currently in place. Then he can check his email for his $7827.00 in free internet money, that everyone is collecting.

  8. The Beast Among Us

    I think It’d be more likely to friend Cranberry Shitcat than Matthew.

  9. I’m pretty sure boobs won the internet a long time ago. Mmmmmmoooooohtorbooat!

  10. I’m picturing Tarlock as Howard Wolowitz, only with fewer friends.

  11. Your mom is Tarlock.

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