Tuesday, November 22, 2011

On A Roll…

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  1. I like green bean casa rolls.

  2. ngreedyants.

  3. FAKE

  4. I hate thoze dayum greedyants. Alwayz bustin up mah piknik.

  5. Slendermans Girlfriend

    Finally, a post that actually made me laugh aloud :L
    Lamebook you’re slowly improving. Keep it up.

  6. I think somebody’s English is a little Rusty.

  7. idk about you guys but usually my “casa rolls” are made up of all my leftovers in the refridgerator.

  8. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    … the fuck?

  9. I honestly don’t think this is a fake at all. I have met a lot of different people in my life, being an artist and a person whom travels often and lives in different cities. I have known people not far off from this. Hahaha There is a specific breed of idiot whom thinks that the stupid shit they come up with is clever as hell for some reason. I had this one guy I used to know that was pretty much insane and he used to come up with stupid ass shit like this and think he was a genius or something. That’s what this reminds me of hehe One of the things he came up with once was “you can’t tell the difference between a dick and a sausage, that’s why they both end up in your mouth.” I shit you not, I could not make that up.

  10. There’s a specific breed of idiot who uses “whom” when they should use “who,” because they think “whom” sounds smarter.

  11. Haha, that reminds me of how I learned it’s not a good idea to feed sausages to my dog while we’re naked.

  12. I thought and thought about what the hell a casa roll was, something from the south maybe?!? Sadly thanks to help and previous comments I get it…. I wish I hadnt…. I am discouraged now…. REALLY?!?

  13. Yeah Rusty!
    yo tell it like it gonna be, niggah. that skank-ass ho be some cheerios or shit.

  14. Fake, fake, fake. You’re telling me he can spell words like “special” and “peace” If he kept with phonetics like most of his other words he would have spelled them retardedly (I know. Made up word.)

  15. I’m thinking he meant Kaiser roll lol. Either way it’s still pretty funny

  16. @ nick17, thank you, good sir, for pointing that out.

    @ joestxgirl, I had to google it. I thought I was onto something when I found casarolls.com. Then I realized those people had just made a business banking on the illiteracy of our society.

    Also, yes, casseroles are what I make when I am in lazy mom mode and want to make something passably edible out of random crap in the fridge + a can of cream of something soup.

  17. first. I got nothing.

  18. So he fills his casa rolls with bat guano or something? Even if it’s the best shit on earth, that doesn’t make it appetizing.

  19. Yeah dragon74, ’cause the first 17 don’t count or anything.

  20. TRANSLATE: I am the shit, just like this stupid food is.

  21. @Gill Whom are you?

  22. Hahahahahahaha. Oh fuck, I thought he was talking about sushi. So glad you guys cleared that up.

  23. LOL @ Walter and his tasty sausage

  24. Lol! Wow, the sharks are just fucking swarming on Lamebook, as usual. Hahahah Okay, okay I deserve that. Proofreading is a good thing.

  25. P.S Meditation is just one of many techniques that can relax you. 😉

  26. I was just thinking… The fact that Nick17 associates the word “whom” with trying to “sound smarter” than saying “who” is pretty awesome. lol

  27. You can tell how smart I was hoping to sound, by the highly intelligent subject matter and perfect grammar, etc… And the fact that it’s on Lamebook.

  28. I think my IQ just dropped from reading that…
    casa roll? ngreedyants? Can one person be that dumb?

  29. in this thread:- people who just don’t understand how Amazing and Creative, Post-Ironic and just plain Better Than You that the use of phonetic spelling is.

  30. If you’re going to fuss about grammar, why not take it all the way and get your relative pronouns straight?

    ‘There’s a specific breed of idiot who uses “whom” when they should use “who,” because they think “whom” sounds smarter.’

    Breed = not a person = THAT or WHICH

    Not that it really matters anyway, though, right?

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