Monday, September 20, 2010

On & Off Spring

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  1. Charlotte Sometimes

    The last one reminds me of cute 2 year old nephew. Once I told him “You’re gonna have soooo many girlfriends!” and he replies back with “BULLSHIT!” Yeah his mouth got washed out, but it also made us think he’s going to be gay.

    he’s really really cute. he killed my fish, though. im holding that against him for the rest of my life.

  2. Ana has; no idea, use punctuation, it drove me (to madness/

  3. I’m pretty sure Carmine is a girls name. Can two women have children that look like Danny DeVito?

  4. My exboyfriend’s grandfather was named Carmine. It’s an Italian name. And yes, two women can have a child that looks like Danny DeVito. I know you’ve seen the proof on

  5. Carmine isn’t a girl’s name. CarMEN is a girl’s name. Hmm… that looks a bit counterintuitive, but I made my point.

  6. Sclemeel, schlemazel, Hasenfeffer incorporated.

    A good dancer can overcome many flaws, but no one can overcome the manliness that is Squiggy. Anyone who wants to get inside Penny Marshall can obviously overcome a clit that would make John Holmes jealous.

  7. anonymouseinternetuser

    Pass us that spliff would you, Soup? I think you’ve had enough…

  8. Ahhhh I remember the last time i was stoned…

    It was for committing adultery with four cousins, the rock chucking bastards really gave it to me too 🙁

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