Friday, November 7, 2014

On the Mark

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  1. Dear Mr. Zuckerberg
    I have no internet, may have Ebola and where I live is like Africa.

  2. my Aunty Clara recently got an awesome white Hyundai Tucson SUV only from working parttime off a home computer… website here>>>>>

  3. Clara is such a lucky gal.

  4. I call BS. Anyone can lie online

  5. I had to check this out in terms of what percentage of his wealth that is. I last heard he was worth $40b so using that as a starting point, he donated 0.000625% of his total wealth. That’s like someone who is worth $10m donating $6250. Not even a drop in the ocean, yet the guy thinks that Zuckerberg “obliterated” the guy. If that guy is worth $1m, if he donates just $625 he’ll have equaled Mark’s contribution.

    So please, let’s not think Zuckerberg is doing something amazing. It’s all relative.

    Damn I love this site 🙂

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