Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On the Verge of Virginity

on the verge of virginity

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  1. I wonder which one is his mom?

  2. Dillon FTW.

  3. Robin is his mom.

    Dillon FTW!

  4. I cannot believe someone actually posted that as a status on FB. They apparently lack any and all forms of shame.

  5. Alex is his mom!

  6. If he doesn’t start practising soon his wife will definitely never come.

  7. She’s never gonna come if you don’t have experience.


  8. hahahaha

    God will bring you a sexually awkward wedding night.

  9. Anybody who discusses their sex life in any way on facebook deserves to be repeatedly punched in the head.

  10. Guy just needs to get his priorties right. Make her come first, then maybe she’ll become a candidate to be his wife…

  11. Their dinner time conversation must be wild…

  12. So his mom thinks that Spencer’s future wife will “rock his world”? hmmm, it’s good to know that she’s envisioned such a fulfilling sex life for her son. I hope my mom has that kind of faith in me… and “little me”.

  13. God’s wife must be bangin’.

  14. What a whiny baby. If you chose to not have sex, fine, but why gripe about it on facebook?

  15. I suggest Spencer put his tongue to work. That way he can keep his virginity and his wife will come. If you choose to read it that way.

  16. Maybe if he puts a bag over his head he might have a chance?

  17. I hereby declare a ban on any further puns involving making his wife come. 😛

  18. I blame horny, impatient Christians for exponential divorce rates.

  19. And God has a wife?! Would she be called ‘Mrs God’ or just ‘Goddess’. And why’s it okay for her to be such an adulterous slut?

  20. Awww, he’s saving himself til his wedding night. I bet he has a purity ring too.

    I had one of those once, but I lost it when I was fingering my girlfriend.

  21. We all laugh now, but in 5 years when Morgan Freeman walks up to Spencer’s house, knocks on the door, hands him a big breasted 17 year old virgin with a bow on her head, and says “here’s the wife I promised you”, Spencer will have the last laugh.

  22. person who submitted this

    Yes, Robin is his mom.

  23. LiaMMV FTW!

  24. I wish I could favorite comments on Lamebook.

  25. Is Spencer waiting for his cousin to turn 12 so they can marry? Dueling banjos…

  26. @Jezika

    The numbers indicate that evangelical Christians have the highest divorce rate. And the lowest? Atheists.

  27. I’m gonna find me a good Russian woman now! bye bye

  28. omg.

    one of my favorite Lamebooks ever.

  29. Ashley’s not even near getting pregnant? What the fuck does that mean? You either got pregnant or didn’t, there isn’t an “oh, I almost got pregnant that time, but turns out I didn’t…” moment.

  30. Is it true of you don’t use it, you lose it?

  31. Is it just me or does Ashley not so subtly trying to get with him?

    “Come here to NC…I’m not even close to getting pregnant :(….you’re my BFF, I love you so much please let me get on you”, pretty much.

  32. @20

    pure class……so funny

  33. So from the comments about “girls your age” I’m assuming Spencer’s pretty young. In which case is getting laid “morally” really worth chaining yourself down so young?!
    And Shauntelle, I forgive you for your ridiculous name since you pointed out the ridiculous stretching of words.

  34. Ashley is practically handing it to him on a plate. He is either completely oblivious or isn’t interested. I feel a bit sorry for her.

  35. Robin was funny until her second comment.

  36. did the mom call her son spencer dude?

    i guess if there is virgin girl looking for a virgin guy on facebook, this is the best way to let her know.

  37. just bang ur mom she seems like a fun woman! plus i heard it doesnt count

  38. can’t you guys read? Alexandra is obviously the mom.

  39. Muwhahaha, so happy this made it on. Spencer is such a dorky kid. His mom is a total bitch, and Dillon and I have fun with little Spencer often

  40. i live near the Deja Vu

  41. Lets go!

  42. I bet his mom will be taking him somewhere to help him lose his virginity. It’s amazing that she doesn’t seem to have much of a problem with her son sharing his possible sex life over Facebook.

  43. hahahahahaha that was pure genius … Gods wife is waiting for you on that website! hahahaha

  44. I wish I could direct him to http://www.singlemuslims.com

  45. God’s wife is also his mother…

  46. I’m sure the plumber or some other guy will make your wife cum if you fail to.

  47. It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again: Dillon FTW. Clearly.

  48. Shauntelle?? Who the hell names their child shauntelle.. And btw ,, How do you pronounce it???

  49. ^^ Sean Tell would be my best guess.

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