Monday, November 4, 2013

Once in a Lifetime

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  1. Didnt happen, lying for sure, not funny either…..

  2. Didn’t happen, lying for sure, not funny either…..
    Fuck off, ‘eery one!

  3. ^Hey, Stever’s bitch, do you let him put it in your ass, or in your mouth?
    Or in your fistula?

  4. If you keep making fun of short girls, it’s your own fault if you get bitten in your kneecaps.

  5. Fucking idiots. Fuck you, you fucking fucks.

  6. When they start a story with “this really happened”, chances r it really didnt!!!

  7. You don’t say!, himalayan…

  8. Oh, it happened. Just not in real life.

    And not to him, either.

  9. I think they’re mistaking their life for the movie Mean Girls. Yep—I, too, am ashamed I saw that movie.

  10. Mean girls is a pretty tight flick. Tina Fey wrote some comedy gold there. Even whatsherface horrible actress, redhead, chronically in rehab chicky.. whats her fucking name.. hmm…. she was excellent in it. No shame is admitting i saw that. Some of it. I think.

  11. what the fuck has this site become?

  12. ^Steevers jizz rag

  13. When someone begins, ok this actually happened, you know for sure IT FUCKING DIDN’T.

  14. I think the big question is WHY Joshua was in the girl’s bathroom in the first place, if this even happened at all.

  15. Because, like Steeeeever and his clones, Joshua has a vagina.

  16. With just a faint glimmer of hope, maybe when he said “Dead,” he actually died. Hope springs eternal.

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