Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One More Time

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  1. vaginalroundhouse

    I don’t think Chris Brown will ever escape being a woman beater.


  3. To be fair, I don’t think I’d even heard of Chris Brown before the whole Rihanna thing.

    Is he bigger in the States than the UK?

  4. He did beat her down pretty bad. Then again, I also heard she started it.

    I don’t know where I’m going with this as I really don’t care about either of them.

  5. ^^^^ Cool story, bro

  6. These people are both assholes.

    Whether one asshole hit the other asshole isn’t very interesting.

  7. ^^^ Tell that to a lesbian couple…

  8. @gonzo

    Could you please give me an example when Rhianna was an asshole?

  9. I’ll tell you why Rhianna is an asshole. Here is a celebrity that suddenly could have a platform to make a difference for all young abused women by showing that you CAN get out of an abusive relationship (unlike the common belief that love transcends all). Instead, she STAYED with him after that, secretly met up with him, and then made the choice to perform songs that borderline romanticized violence.

    With all the a-hole celebs out there spouting their (usually misinformed) political agendas, she could have actually made a difference. Nope, instead, she now decides to perform with him. Not to say that all celebs have a duty to be role models, but she’s is just scum by making it look okay to be abused and live happily ever by being “friends” with your attacker.

    With so many incidents of domestic violence, some that lead to severe injury and even death, children that perpetuate the cycle of violence, and people that do not believe they have the option to leave the relationship, how does it look that a wealthy, successful individual cannot leave the abusive relationship?

    Rhianna = Asshole.

  10. I don’t know the situation, really, but I don’t see why she needs to be held to a different standard than other women. If that was my friend who went back to the man who beat her, I’d assume that she had psychological damage from the relationship as well; it is very common. Abused women often believe that they are truly loved by their abuser, and they find it hard to leave, or they feel guilty for making him look bad, etc.

    imo, Rihanna needs help.

  11. hansolo is right. She’s an a-hole.

    The press is partly to blame too. Like how they goad Tiger Woods, for example, into commenting on black America and when he doesn’t want to provide answers, they say he’s not being responsible. He has nothing to do with black America, there’s a disconnect.

    I know someone who could be responsible and could spark a renewed interest in domestic abuse– Rhianna.

    Maybe a new charity, some benefit concerts, hanging Chris Brown out to dry… yeah, nope, just going to continue to fellate the capitalist gods that propped her up and made her too important to comment on a plebeian issue, especially one that hits (pun fully fucking intended) so close to home.

  12. I still don’t get how going back to Chris makes her an asshole. Stupid, certainly, but not necessarily an asshole. If she punched a baby in the face or texted people while driving, maybe, but we don’t know if she did those things. She just makes some dirty songs and has sex with an abusive man.

  13. I’ve never heard a rhianna or a chris brown song. and i probably never will.

    care factor = ZERO

  14. My care factor is somewhere in the negative teens

  15. To comment about not caring, shows both your cares at atleast +1

  16. yeah, but you’re the only autism who bothers to reply, so that gives Hawk a handicap of -20.
    But i don’t get a handicap because i don’t give a fuck.

  17. I think spousal abuse is so hot. Everybody should try it at least once. Totally romantic.

  18. ^^ Face it, ladies. If you don’t have a black eye and belt marks, he’s just not that into you.

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