Monday, May 2, 2011

OsamaBook Part 3

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  1. The first one is bad. First of all because “an islam” assuming they mean someone who follows Islam is a Muslim. Idiots.

  2. He was quoting Mean Girls, and instead of being “a lesbian” he used “an Islam”. Not the best English the world’s seen, but it still made me chuckle.
    I was expecting at least one of these when I got on here, but I’m pretty surprised to see three! Damn.

  3. Rachael’s was funnay.

  4. @blonebimbo, the fact you knew it was a “Mean Girls” reference is…. lame.

  5. ‘Camels in the Win’….
    And seriously, we’re not done with the Justin Bieber shit yet? C’mon.
    …and no I am not a JB fan but the more trash is talked about him, the more his existence is validated and construed as something of importance. Please, please, please, LB, NO MAS.

  6. ifitwerentformyhorse

    There’s no such thing as “an Islam” and it doesn’t sound close enough to “lesbian” to be funny. Plus you’d have to be a Mean Girls fan to get the reference, because I don’t think that movie is THAT popular.

  7. TL;DGAF excepet for the fact that he saud he used to Blow Off Osama 😀

  8. See, when one of your closest friends is an overtly gay male, “Mean Girls” is constantly being quoted, thus, I know the movie pretty damned well.

  9. The second one isn’t the least bit funny, and doesn’t make sense/compare. Americans…

    Third one is equally as stupid and a cheap stab at JB. New material please…

  10. maebyfunke, if you don’t get the second one, you’re kind of an idiot, but I find it more hilarious that you got all butthurt over it, clearly born of your tragic inability to understand.

  11. I got the Mean Girls reference it was just stupid.

  12. haha blondebimbo! Im right there with you! I too have an overtly gay male best friend, so I too immediately recognized it as a quote from Mean Girls.

    And @stubbyholder Youd be surprised. Mean Girls is actually hilarious. I thought it was going to be terrible, but with Tina Fey in it and as writer/producer…it was surprisingly really good.

  13. I AM SO SICK OF JUSTIN BIEBER JOKES. They’re not funny and they’re incredibly predictable. And to put him in with the likes of Hussein and Osama is even less funny. He’s a harmless little boy who sounds like a girl. Okay? Now stop talking about him because I don’t want to hear it!
    That is all. Thank you for listening.

  14. @thejerkstore, I agree! I hate him but enough is enough.

  15. rachaelwithana

    LOL I’m on lamebook 🙂

    and thank you ahat 🙂

  16. Most of these are just stupid, not lame. Fine line

  17. I think I might actually start listening to JB just to protest – I hate people complaining (which I hear every day) far more than I hate JB (who I never hear played).

    Also to anyone who says it’s lame to get the Mean Girls reference, you clearly haven’t watched the only good chick-flick of all time. And it is pretty popular. But, it’s still a lame joke up top.

  18. Sandals in the Bin 😀

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