Monday, October 6, 2014

Oscar the Slug

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  1. You should go outside more often.

  2. The Beast Among Us

    Please pass the salt…

  3. Why butter? That’s pretty expensive lube, especially used to that extent. Plus I don’t think you know the definition of lather. Having that much free time, you should do something more productive, like look up words you don’t know, or masturbate.

  4. Where the fuck is Steeeever?

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  6. The best thing about this was the lack of likes/comments. The dude was right!

  7. Well. I assume you’ll at least have something to do the next day. Cleaning your kitchen…

  8. Macho Miner Randy Chestrug

    I don’t get it, does he lather himself or the outside of the sleeping bag? Because I think that really matters in this case.

  9. This is one of those stupid Facebook games. I’ve had about three of my friends post the same exact thing. When you comment on the status, they send you a pm, explaining the game and telling you that you have to put this as your status too. I told them to fuck off.

  10. That’s hot.

  11. haha now this one got me

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