Monday, January 31, 2011

Out of Touch

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  1. good thinkin’, mom.
    that google saved my marriage.

  2. (and, um….stever? is this proper first-post etiquette?)

  3. 21st century parenting, I love it!

    rawnuh proper etiquette is waiting for stever to comment, then mattymc, and as the third poster this would be my que to tell mattymc how shit his site is.

  4. Rawnuh…… good try, not nearly enough “e’s” or “r’s” and no caps…. 🙁

  5. Yay for booty shorts indeed, see Kathy agrees…

  6. Yeah I’ve been sporting dresses and short shorts and summer wear for about two weeks now. Love Southern California.

  7. I won’t lie. “The websites” made me lol.

  8. I am sorry, but has Marc been anywhere with a warm climate year round? Pretty sure girls have been wearing booty shorts all December and January in California.

    Also, I am sure he is really loving Colorado right now… being 8 degrees and snowing.

  9. I think it’s less than 8 degrees now
    But we were in the 70’s on Friday 🙂

  10. I do love Moulin Rouge, and the version from it, but that’s such a random thing to say.

  11. 70 degrees on Friday, spent 20 minutes scraping solid ice off my car today morning.

  12. Since we’re doing the weather…

    Looking at 25 – 30 cm of snow tomorrow. Currently -13C/8F but no wind, so that’s nice.

  13. whoa mass sounds like you’re from eastern canada with me! you’re probably my crazy neighbor who is always hauling garbage bags out in the middle of the night.. neato.

  14. I’m thinking Rose was hoping she could turn off the red light for her birthday.

  15. .. I wanna give a shout out to Cape Breton.

  16. Blondie, now you know why us guys like SoCal too…

  17. That’s one thing I really hated about living in Colorado. The weather was never consistent. It wasn’t like it was warm and then a little less warm and then cold. Then a little warmer, warmer, and really warm.

    It was cold, hot, cold, cold, warm, cold, hot.

  18. Ewan didn’t sing Roxanne in Moulin Rouge!

  19. Particulate matter. Case closed.

  20. jr888, I know! thanks for saying it 🙂

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