Thursday, March 3, 2011


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  1. poo.

  2. Bangs? Go on.

  3. jennifer, girl, you better put some real thought into this…bangs are a big commitment. it takes to time to grow them back out. and if you cut them too short the first time, well…you’re shit out of luck. as for the abortion…it takes 20 min, and if you don’t opt to be knocked out, you can be in and out in 30. grab me after the abo, we’ll hit the mall and get those funky brows waxed for your NEW BANGS!! xoxo

  4. (i suppose that would be been a long text)

  5. (drunk)

  6. Greg is stealing from the Oatmeal.

  7. Jenny Jenny Jenny, If you can see this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get the abortion. I have the feeling you would be one of those ppl who kills their baby for interrupting farmville.

  8. Hope you know, Jesse’s last name is mentioned in a post.

  9. Oh, sounds like Jennifer has already got the hang of the bangs if she’s thinking of having an abortion.

    Worst reason to become a parent? You’re too stupid to avoid getting knocked up in the first place.

  10. How do you pronounce “textttt”?

  11. What is it with the under-21 crowd and this obsession with repeating the last letter of a sentenceeeeeee

  12. #9 I agree, I think that the US government should do mandatory IQ tests when kids reach the reproductive age. Kids with a high risk of becoming parents due to sheer ignorance or measurable stupidity could be either neutered or given a mild form of euthanasia.

  13. What’s a mild form of euthanasia?

  14. lametothemin – I think it’s kinda like being “somewhat pregnant”.

  15. This gives me an idea for a business which involves getting your hair cut while simultaneously receiving an abortion. I’ll call it “baby cutz”.

  16. #13 Well technically it doesn’t exist but it sounds nicer somehow. More comforting.

  17. Too many ‘bangs’ led you to consider abortion, think about that before you get your hair cut.

  18. Why delete the name ‘Clark’ after Jesse’s name at the top, but leave it in when Brian makes a comment. Kida defeats the purpose, yeah?

  19. I hope God forgives me for laughing at all of Jesse’s post :p

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